The Indonesian Lion Air plane crashed into the lighting tree

TASS, 7 November. The aircraft of the Indonesian airline Lion Air last Wednesday, while flying out of the city of Bengkulu, collided with a lighting tree. According to the Detik portal, none of the 143 passengers on board and seven crew members were injured.

For some unknown reason, the Boeing 737-900 touched the left side of the pillar during movement, due to which the wing was partially deformed. Passengers were evacuated to the airport building and later received another commission for their departure in Jakarta. At present, as noted by the representatives of the air carrier, the reasons for the accident have been established.

On October 29, the Boeing 737 Max 8 of the same low-cost airline operated a flight from Jakarta to Pankalpinang (the capital of the Bangka-Belitung province). About 13 minutes after the departure from the capital's airport, for some unknown reason, it collapsed in the Java Sea. Rescuers admit that all 189 people on board died.

Lion Air employs about 40% of the airline travel market in Indonesia. Last year the company managed about 51 million passengers. The airline is the second low-cost airline in Southeast Asia after Malaysia's AirAsia. There are about 300 airplanes in the park, most of which are Boeing, flying both inside the country and abroad, in particular in Australia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand.

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