The influential drug baron Usuga has been captured in Colombia

The detainee is also known as Otoniels, Maurizio and Mao.

“This is the biggest blow to the drug trade in our country this century,” President Ivan Duke said in a video message.

The arrest of Usuga is comparable only to the capture of Pablo Eskobar, the president added.

In Colombia, the world’s largest exporter of cocaine, the capture of Usuga is a great victory for the Duke’s conservative government.

The United States has offered five million dollars for information to help capture Usugu.

Usuga captured Nekokli, located near the border with Panama.

As a result of the authorities’ activities, the Usuga group has become weaker and its leadership has been forced to hide in the jungle without telephones, police say.

In remote areas where the government’s presence is small, criminal groups such as the Clan del Golfo, militants split from the left-wing guerrilla group FARC and left-wing ELN rebels have launched bloody battles over drug smuggling corridors and mining.

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