The innkeeper ruined his fighter with five mistakes on the shooting range. Boe continues to reign

Behind the clear winner, a dramatic battle unfolded for second place, which was eventually taken by Fillon Maillet, who also improved seven places compared to the sprint. The older of the Norwegian siblings, Tarjei Boe, finished third. He was ten seconds short of the Frenchman, who stood on the podium for the first time this season.

The evaluation of the fighter was quite bitter for the Czech national team. “I’m sorry for what I did when shooting, but I didn’t hold my position properly. I had no chance to succeed, I really didn’t feel comfortable on the range. Sometimes things like that happen, but I’m not going to collapse from it. On Sunday, I want to improve my impression during the mixed relays,” said Krčmář.

Jonáš Mareček was also not at all enthusiastic about the premier fighter among adults. “I had a terrible ride from the start and the race unfolded accordingly. The skis were certainly good, but I was not up to it. I’m tired and I feel bad,” said the 21-year-old representative.

“It was not a good day for the boys at the range. Michal Krčmář didn’t have a single shot, especially the second layup he was very low and sent two shots off target there. It’s a big shame for Adam Václavík, who after two promising zeroes scored both handstands for three, which is not good even for school, let alone for biathlon,” explained coach Michael Málek for Czech Television.

Biathlon World Cup in Pokljuka – men’s 12.5 km pursuit race
1. J. Boe (Norway) 31:43.2 (2)
2. Fillon-Maillet (France) +1:04.9 (1)
3. T. Boe (Norway) +1:06.6 (1)
4. Lägreid (Norway) +1:17.8 (2)
5. Giacomel (Italy) +1:31.0 (2)
6. Christiansen (Norway) +1:48.9 (2)
7. Andersen (Norway) +1:53.8 (1)
8. Dale (Norway) +2:02.0 (3)
… 21. Krcmář (Czech Republic) +3:05.4 (5)
44. Mareček (Czech Republic) +5:35.0 (2)
50. Václavík +5:48.2 (6)
World Cup standings after 10 races
1. J. Boe (Norway) 779
2. Lägreid (Norway) 675
3. Fillon-Maillet (France) 377
4. Christiansen (Norway) 353
5. Dale (Norway) 337
6. Doll (Germany) 329
7. Andersen (Norway) 320
8. Jacquelin (France) 319
… 15. Krcmář (CZ) 265
37. Štvrtecký (ČR) 59
43. Mikyska (Czech Republic) 41
69. Mareček (Czech Republic) 8

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