News The interior announced! Sale will not be allowed

The interior announced! Sale will not be allowed


According to the additional circular under the coronavirus measures sent from the Ministry of Interior to the governorship of 81 provinces; In the neighborhood, neighborhood market places, the sale of basic foodstuffs such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, cleaning materials, and clothing, toys and similar non-essential items will not be allowed in the markets where cleaning items are met. The activities of all markets where indispensable necessities such as clothing, toys, ornaments and bags are sold, especially in social markets, will be stopped temporarily as of March 27, 17:00.

In markets where basic food and cleaning materials are sold, measures will be planned by developing alternatives regarding market places and days, in cooperation with the municipalities, by the governorships and district governorships, in order to prevent the rate of transmission of the virus due to the density, in cooperation with the municipalities.


In order to meet the basic food / cleaning needs of citizens living in provinces, districts and towns, new market / sales places can be determined according to the need, taking into account the density in the existing markets. There will be a distance of 3 meters between each stall and the exhibition in existing marketplaces and new markets and outlets determined to distribute density. Measures, especially for the provision of direct service, will be taken by the municipalities in the access of citizens to basic food / cleaning agents. One or all of the measures to expand the existing market places (inclusion of additional streets and streets, etc.), to determine new sales places, and to allocate the market places / parcels for which the need items are sold temporarily when necessary, for this purpose.


It will be ensured that the fresh vegetables and fruits sold unpackaged in the markets and sales places will be packaged and sold by the marketer tradesmen by paying attention to the hygiene conditions without touching the consumers. In addition, markets and sales places will operate until 19.00 at the latest; notifications will be made to market trades.


Marketer tradesmen will be warned to comply with personal hygiene rules, and protective measures will be taken. Hygiene rules will be monitored by municipal police and related shopkeepers. Municipalities will take additional measures for garbage collection, hygiene and disinfection in market / sales places. Hand sanitizer support will be provided to the tradesmen and citizens by the municipalities.



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