The internal war of the Republican Party puts the US on the verge of closing the Public Administration

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With less than a day left until the United States Public Administration closure because the Republican Party does not agree on what laws to approve in the House of Representatives, where it has the majority, the civil war in that political formation is intensifying. The most ‘Trumpist’ sector of the party, which is the one that is forcing the closure of the federal State, is launching a offensive for remove the president of the House from office, also a Republican. But, since those legislators do not have the votes necessary to do so, they are trying to make an agreement with his declared enemies: the democratic left.

The possible alliance It is, at best, unprecedented, and at worst a sign of the factionalism – rather tribalism – that American politics is reaching, in which the most conservative and traditional Republican wing, led by the representative from Florida Matt Gaetzwho is an avowed enemy of McCarthy, is speaking with the chair of the Progressive Caucus, Pramila Jayapal, from Washington state. Is a union against nature, between a supporter of building the walls that are needed on the Mexican border and a defender of immigration. But politics is like that. In any case, more than a possible solution to the crisis, since it seems impossible for them to reach an agreement, the negotiations between Gaetz and Jayapal are rather a reflection of the balkanization of US politics.

Nonetheless, McCarthy is still trying to reach a last minute agreement that avoid a closure of the Administration that could potentially have very negative consequences for the Republicans themselves. His latest proposal is to authorize a minimal budget package, with budget cuts and measures against illegal immigration.

To some extent it is a surrender – yet another – of McCarthy to the wing ultraconservative of his party, but it is not clear that it will come to fruition, especially because what that wing wants is the head of the president of the Chamber – although it does not have anyone to replace him – and, with such demands and with one day left to Before the closing comes, it doesn’t seem like there will be time to negotiate much.

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