The invention of a Spanish biomedical engineer to detect breast cancer from home

Detect the breast cancer with a urine test and without leaving home. It is the project of a Spanish biomedical engineer, Judit Giró, who has won a prestigious international award, the Dyson Award 2020, thanks to her project The Blue Box.

At the age of 24, Judit Giró has developed an idea that will prevent the patient from pain or undergo radiation to know his diagnosis.

He tells us that “there was a dog capable of smelling the breath from the mouth of patients and barked when the person had cancer.”

These are chemical sensors that react differently depending on whether or not certain chemical compounds are in the urine.

‘The Blue Box’ is a biomedical device to make tests that detect the disease more affordable and less invasive. breast cancer.

Giró’s work will allow, in the future, that a woman from home can undergo a breast cancer test without the need for radiation and pain, through a urine sample and through Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology .

The device performs a chemical analysis of the urine sample and sends the results to the cloud, where the AI-based algorithm runs.

This leads to a diagnosis, which is communicated through an app. This system allows the user consult your results in real time on your mobile phone and save the history of the tests carried out, as indicated by Dyson in a document.

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