The investigations against Mr. Mélenchon and the unruly France have confided to the judges of education

One is about the campaign reports for the 2017 presidential elections and the conditions for the employment of parliamentary assistants of LFI deputies.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Insolute France (LFI) did not finish justice. Almost a month after the treacherous research of October 16, including those conducted at the headquarters of the left party and the house of its leader, the Paris public prosecutor announced on Friday, November 9, as a press release, the. opening of two separate judicial information against X. One concerns Mr Mélenchon's electoral reports for the 2017 presidential elections and the other conditions for the employment of parliamentary assistants of Members of the European Parliament LFI.

The judicial information on the presidential campaign funding – which saw Mr. Mélenchon finish in fourth position – is open to the leaders of"Scam and attempted scam", "Violation of trust and concealment of the breach of trust", "recycling and improper performance by a candidate of his campaign account". The investigation of the Parliamentary Assistant deals with suspicions of fictitious jobs financed by European funds and "Undue appropriation and concealment of misappropriation of public funds"is "Bleaching" of this crime.

D & # 39; Now on, get out of the preliminary investigation, led by the prosecution. The investigations on Mélenchon and his political movement will continue under the aegis of the examining magistrates, at the rate of three magistrates for each of the two investigations. The public prosecutor explains that he made his decision "Elements already assembled" investigators of the Central Office for Combating Financial and Tax Crimes (OCLCIFF) and the fact that "The complexity of investigations still to be performed".

"We are coming out of the clutches of arbitrariness"

In total, the research on October 16th, "Authorized by the judge of freedom and detention" he remembers the public prosecutor's office, they have targeted fifteen separate sites and twenty-one …

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