The iPhone 13 is progressing in photos (and it’s not a surprise)

So what’s up? It is with a circumspect eye that we open the box of the iPhone 13 Pro, on sale since Friday, September 24. In recent years, Apple has only improved its phones in small touches, and it seems after several hours of use that the 2021 version is no exception to this rule. Once again, it is at the level of the photo that the iPhone progresses. Looking in my archives, I realized that this was the main innovation of recent years: “The iPhone 11 Pro makes great progress in photography”, we titled in 2019, “The iPhone XS is especially interesting for the photo, in 2018, or even “The iPhone X excels for the image, but it is not perfect”, in 2017. In 2020, it is the price of the phones that we put forward.

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