The Israeli Army advances towards the center of Gaza and the Red Cross denounces the attack on a humanitarian convoy

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This morning, Israeli planes intensified attacks in the center of the Gaza Strip, causing several deaths and deaths in the Nuseirat refugee camp, according to the Palestinian news agency Wafa. Overnight, some of the attacks have hit areas that were already destroyed, especially in the Shujaiya neighborhood in central Gaza. Military experts indicated that the Israeli Army would be destroying specific streets to facilitate the advance of tanks towards the city center. The troops are already less than a kilometer from the Al-Shifa hospital, where Israel believes the Hamas command center is hidden in tunnels. Although the hospital administration has reiterated that it has no link with the militant group, in recent days Israeli attacks have reached the vicinity of the health center, where hundreds of wounded and refugees are staying.

During the day on Tuesday, Israel carried out a pause in its offensive, lasting about four hours, in which images of Palestinian civilians trying to flee on foot towards the south of the Strip were published. Images published in the media reveal a line of civilians, many with white flags in their hands, others in wheelchairs or quite a few, fleeing the area with few belongings.

The Israeli Army announced the death of one of its soldiers in Gaza. Fighting and attacks during the ground invasion in the Strip have caused the death of 31 soldiers, while Hamas has not revealed the number of casualties in its ranks. The Israeli Army claimed on its Telegram channel to have killed Mohsen Abu Zina, an “expert in the development of strategic weapons” of Hamas. “During the night, troops also identified a terrorist cell that was planning to fire anti-tank missiles at the forces. Troops directed a plane that hit the cell, killing several terrorists,” the statement said.

On the other hand, the International Committee of the Red Cross denounced that a convoy of five trucks and two vehicles that entered Gaza with humanitarian aid was attacked by the Israeli Army, causing injuries to one of the drivers. “These are not the conditions in which humanitarian personnel can work”, declared the head of the Red Cross in Gaza, Willian Schomburg. “We are here to bring urgent assistance to civilians in need. Ensuring that life-saving assistance can reach medical facilities is a legal obligation under international humanitarian law,” he said in a statement.

In addition to the lack of fuel, medical supplies and drinking water, there is a growing food crisis after a month of blockade in the Strip. All bakeries in northern Gaza have closed due to the lack of fuel, water and wheat flour, humanitarian organizations said.

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