The Israeli army bombs the house of one of the Hamas leaders in Gaza

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The Israeli army has announced that fighter jets have attacked Gaza la casa de Ismail Haniye, the head of Hamas’s political arm. It is the second attack carried out on Haniyeh’s home and in neither case has the Army revealed whether they killed any important party member or close associates. Haniyeh has been outside the Gaza Strip since 2019, two years after assuming leadership of the organization. At the moment lives between Türkiye and Qatar.

On the other hand, last morning he ordered the evacuation of four neighborhoods in the southern Gaza Strip, east of the city of Khan Yunis, after having forced the displacement of more than a million people in the northern half of the territory in recent weeks. “For their safety, they must immediately evacuate their places of residence and go to known shelters,” says the leaflet dropped into the streets from the air, without specifying which shelters they refer to.

The note mentions the locations of Al Qarara, Khuzaa, Bani Suheila y Abasan. “Any person who approaches the terrorists or their facilities puts their life at risk and all houses used by terrorists will be a (military) target,” the statement added.

Khan Yunis is located in the southern half of the Strip and, in recent weeks, tens of thousands of displaced people from the north have sought shelter in public buildings or parks in the area. Although the military land operation is taking place in the north of the territory, the city and its surroundings have been the target of almost daily bombings since last October 7.

An expansion of the offensive threatens worsen the serious humanitarian crisis that Gaza has suffered since the beginning of the war, with lack of fuel, drinking water, food and medical supplies. Furthermore, the population of shingles on of the Strip has grown exponentially after absorb a million people displaced in just a few weeks.

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