The Israeli raid on Gaza and the Italian newspapers: “Guilt of the attacked”. But the major international newspapers tell another story

Let’s face it, a press like this wouldn’t even mind a Vladimir Putin. You attack a territory that is a kind of open-air prison, you kill 44 people, including 15 children, and you injure another 350, but what we are talking about is the reaction of the attacked, the right of the aggressor to defend themselves and the success obtained in the blitz. This is what we have seen and read in the main Italian newspapers (and on the corresponding sites) in the last three days about the bombings launched by Israel on the Gaza strip. Incursions that are not the result of a provocation but that Israel defined “estimates”aimed at eliminating subjects of the Jihad group that Tel Aviv believes to be dangerous. The operation takes place however in an area with a very high population density, where collateral and innocent victims are certainly to be taken into account. So much so that even Israeli intelligence expressed concern about the appropriateness of the bombing. After the first bombings the attacked react and start firing rockets towards Israel which, fortunately, did not cause any casualties. Because they are technologically obsolete rockets that come easily intercepted from Israel’s anti-missile system. A hundred have not even crossed the border of the Strip, of those who did, 97% were destroyed in flight.

This, in a nutshell, has happened in the last three days. Let’s see how the story was told by the most important Italian newspapers. The bombing of Gaza start on Friday last and immediately the victims are a dozen, including one 5 year old girl. Saturday on the first page of Corriere della Sera reads “High tension in Gaza. A Jihad leader killed. In the internal article, the newspaper of urban Cairo directed by Luciano Fontanaheadlines “Israeli Raid on the Strip, killed a leader of Jihad “. Let’s move on to Republicnewspaper owned by the Agnelli-Elkann family directed by Maurizio Molinari. “Gaza raid d’ Israel, killed a leader of Islamic Jihad “, we read at first. Further on, on page 17, “Israel attacks Gaza: an Islamic jihad leader killed ten dead”. The print, always of the Agnelli, he does not put the news on the front page and inside the headline with a vague: “Israel, the conflict is rekindled“. They are The messenger from Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone the title is “Bombs on Gaza, Jihad leader killed”.

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After the Israeli attacks on Friday, Islamic Jihad starts firing rockets towards the territory of Israel. Launches that intensify in the following hours without fortunately causing any casualties. Meanwhile Israel continues to hit Gaza and the victims go up to 24 including 6 children. At this point, however, it is easy for the newspapers to overturn the omelette. “Rain of rockets. Jihad fires on Israel “he writes Republic which also reports the Israeli army’s thesis that the deaths in Gaza are caused by Palestinian resistance missiles. However, it is not the first time that the Israeli armed forces have used this technique to deflect accusations, as recently demonstrated by the case. of the killing of the journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. The print is on the same line as the “sister” Republic: “Rain of rockets from Gaza. 15 militiamen arrested “and the news is accompanied by an analysis entitled” The war in Gaza che Hamas and Jihad can stop“. Il Corriere della Sera removes the news from the first and headlines “Raid on Gaza, sirene a Tel Aviv”. No mention on the front page either the messenger who then writes “Israel, the attack to prevent attacks. And Juve give up playing in Tel Aviv “. The cancellation of the match is more news than the 24 Palestinian victims.

Yesterday the bombing of Gaza continued, the deaths rose to 44 including 15 children. In the evening, Israel and Jihad sign a truce. The messenger does not say anything. For the Courier paragraph on page 12 “Gaza, Jihad decimated. There is the announcement of the truce ”. And then Republic: “More missiles from Gaza but there is an agreement for a truce ”. The print plays on the ambiguity of the numbers “A thousand rockets and forty victims (which are not caused by rockets, ndr), after two days there is a truce ”. After all, the foreign ministry directly provided the key to reading the events in the Middle East, which in a “vigorous” note writes: “The Farnesina is following the escalation with great concern in Gaza and news of victims among the Palestinian population. Italy strongly condemns the launching of rockets towards Israeli territory and reaffirms Israel’s right to guarantee the security of its citizens. The parties are invited to exercise restraint to avoid an expansion of hostilities that would cause further victims and suffering to civilians ”.

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It is of course possible that we do not understand the wisdom of the line of the ministry and the Italian information battleships. So, to get some feedback, we went to see what some of the gods are writing major international newspapers. Today the New York Times: “Three-day truce after Israel’s attacks caused dozens of deaths without obtaining significant strategic results “. Il Washington Post: “Truce after 43 dead nel week end. Conditions in Gaza catastrophic. The French The world: “45 Palestinians killed in Israel’s operation”, the British The Times: “Israel and Jihad agree on a truce after three days of fighting in which they were killed more than 40 Gazans including 15 children ”. The Spanish The country:Israel and Jihad sign the truce. The attacks resulted 41 dead, including 15 children “. Curiously, the title closest to the Italian ones is from Pravda: “Israel hits Gaza and kills a jihad commander”. The Moscow newspaper, however, accompanies the news with graphics that show the progressive and dramatic shrinkage of the Palestinian territories from the second post-war period to today.

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