The Italian coach Massimo Carrera greeted the Sheremetyevo fans

Massimo carrera

Gregory Telingater
Gregory Telingater

Photo: Alexander Safonov, "Championship"

No Spartak coach has seen such a goodbye. Report from Sheremetyevo

At one point, the Italian had to escape from the fans.


There is nothing more sincere in football than the goodbye of the fans with their idol. Around the "Spartacus" in recent times there was a fuss of information in which everyone pursues their own interests. But what happened in Sheremetyevo today is the true emotion of the fans. Although it did not happen at the stadium, but at the airport.

Initially, fans dispersed throughout the airport. The fans were on duty at the various entrances to Sheremetyevo, some remained on the street and the majority gathered at the entrance to the "green corridor". Many fans did not just have "Spartacus" scarves, but with an image or a name Carrera.

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Spartak fans mentally said goodbye to their beloved coach.

Massimo arrived at the terminal before 12:00, as announced. He was already waiting for a hundred people and a huge poster with words of gratitude.

The wires were rather chaotic. Italians surrounded in 6-7 rows. Few have managed to directly reach the coach. Above all because he still needed to check in for the flight. So I had to break through the crowd.

Photo: "Championship"

Carrera's interpreter, Artyom Fetisov, sought the best he could to ensure that the coach reached the check-in desks, physically and convincingly opening the way.

When Massimo entered the airport building, there was a collapse. Hundreds of fans waited inside the bus and hundreds more followed him outside. The airport staff at the inspection in the framework of metal detectors simply could not cope with the influx of people.

A dozen police officers struggled to cope with the crowd. It seems that the airport was not ready for such an invasion. This is understandable: in Moscow, for the first time in modern history, the coach was seen as well.

Apparently, I did not expect such a great farewell and Carrera. To get to the reception, he had to escape from the crowd. Maximus turned abruptly on the escalator and got out. The police did not leave the fans behind him. In search of Carrera, their recent employer sang abusively Leonid Fedun.

After 10 minutes, Massimo was at the check-in desk. This time there were already some attempts to simplify the process. Fans fenced tapes. Police and airport staff detained fans behind small enclosures.

Then Massimo himself went to the fans and distributed dozens of autographs. Again, the demand was much greater than the offer, that is, the coach's ability, that a minority had access to him. To respect all those who wanted to take a picture or get an autograph, Carrera would need five hours, while Massimo had a scheduled flight to Milan at 2.35pm. Although it would be an incredibly powerful story, if Carrera has postponed the flight for the fans.

Carrera did not declare anything (in every sense) and passed the passport control through the green corridor. A little disappointed that it happened more than two hours before departure, at 12:25. Colleague Daniel Borozdin met several fans who were late for seeing Massimo out. People were sincerely asking themselves, "How?" He usually communicates with the fans. "

In total, about 1 thousand people gathered to say goodbye to the Italian. Massimo had already disappeared, and the crowd in white and red continued to applaud and sing his name. Not a single Spartak coach was honored with such a powerful improvised farewell.


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