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TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan plans to ban the purchase of equipment by Huawei Technologies Technologies and China's ZTE to increase its defense against IT losses and attacks. The Chinese technology companies have been subjected to a careful examination by Washington and some of the most important allies for their ties with the Chinese government, fueled by the fear that Beijing could exploit them for espionage.
The Japanese ban comes after Huawei has already banned from working in the US market, after Australia and New Zealand have stopped the establishment of the fifth generation mobile network company. Huawei reiterated that Beijing has no influence on it.
Yomiuri, who initially published the ban for Japan at the start of the day, said the government would have to change its internal procurement rules on Monday.
A source familiar with the issue and another source informed about the matter said that the government does not intend to appoint the two Chinese companies in particular in the review, but would set standards to improve the safety applied to both society.
Japanese government spokesman Yoshihidi Soja declined to comment, but noted that Japan was in close contact with the United States in a wide range of areas, including electronic security. "E-security is an important issue in Japan," he said at a regular press conference. "We will take strict measures to be considered from different points of view". ZTE declined to comment. Huawei has not yet commented on the matter.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang expressed "deep concern" for the reports. During a daily press conference in Beijing, he stated that the essence of economic activity and Sino-Japanese cooperation is a mutual benefit and the common winnings and that the two companies have been working legally in Japan for a long time.
"We hope that the Japanese side will be able to provide a competitive environment that is loyal to Chinese companies operating in Japan and does not damage mutual cooperation and trust," he added.
Huawei provides some network equipment to two Japanese private companies, DoCoMo and KDDI Corp.
Softbank also has a long-term relationship with Huawei and participated in the fifth generation mobile technology pilot operations.
"The government will not buy where there are security problems, but it is difficult to limit the purchases of private companies," said a source.
DoCoMo and Softbank have not yet replied.


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