The Jordan of the trials threatens a record in the Rugby World Cup

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Doesn’t jump as much as Michael Jordan, but it runs faster. He hasn’t inspired a sought-after sneaker collection, but his rivals sometimes only get a glimpse of his boots. He has not won six rings, but next Saturday he can be proclaimed champion of the oval planet for the first time. Will Jordan He is the man who practices the most in the team that practices the most in the Rugby World Cup.

Eight brands have achieved this wing (25 years, 1.88, 94 kilos) of the 48 that have been achieved by the All Blacks. Like the team, it has picked up speed as the tournament has progressed. He added two against Italy and Uruguay in the first phase, another decisive one to eliminate Ireland in the quarterfinals and Last Friday he scored three against Argentina. “He showed how good he is at finishing,” said the coach after the game. Ian Foster.

Will Jordan never fails when he is the last link in the attack chain. If those in black open at three quarters, it is very likely that the melon end up in your hands. It might seem like she just has to take it and throw herself on the grass. In reality, the difficult has been done before. The New Zealand 14 shines in choosing the moment to start and, above all, the best running line to support the carrier, receive his pass and pose.

“Will’s skills and anticipation set him apart, his synchronicity with and without the ball is world class,” he said of him. Scott Robertsonthe next coach of the All Blacks. He knows him well. He signed him in 2018 for his Crusaders and with him in his ranks, trial after trial, he has dominated the last five years. Super Rugby, the prestigious franchise competition in the southern hemisphere. Barring surprises or injuries, they will remain united: Jordan has renewed with the federation to play in New Zealand until 2027.

How far can it go? It is difficult to predict because the All Black 1191 carry 31 marks in 30 international matches. Their next challenge is the World Cup final against South Africa. It will not only be a confrontation between two super teams. The match is presented as a duel of styles. Faced with the rapid transitions and stampedes of New Zealand – and Jordan – the preference of los Springboksfor dominating the static phases, wearing down the opponent in combat and breaking into a run on very few select occasions.

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