The judge of the ‘Rubiales case’ agrees to the confrontation between Jenni Hermoso’s friend and the marketing director of the RFEF

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The judge of the National Court who instructs the ‘Rubiales case’ has accepted the request for legal representation of the Spanish national team player Jenni Hermoso and has agreed that a confrontation be held between Ana Belén Ecube, Hermoso’s friend who testified as a witness, and the marketing director of the RFEF, Ruben Rivera, who appeared under investigation for possible coercion of the player.

In addition, he has also accepted the request for a new appearance requested by this same party and will take a statement from a witness who witnessed the conversation held between the former coach Jorge Vilda and the player’s brother Rafael Hermoso on the plane back to Spain from Australia after the World Cup. This new testimony will take place on November 16, according to what has been announced ABC and Europa Press has been able to confirm it in legal sources.

The confrontation, however, will come later, The 30th of November. It will be then that both of them, and in the presence of the judge who is investigating the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) Luis Rubiales for the kiss he gave him when the World Cup trophies were presented to Hermoso, must confront their versions of the alleged coercion from Rubiales’ environment to the player’s environment.

In Hermoso’s letter, to which this news agency had access, Hermoso’s lawyer addressed the head of the Central Court of Instruction number 1, Francisco de Jorge, to request the practice of this diligence considering it “adequate and pertinent because this party has observed the discrepancy between the statements of both.”

He added that these statements made during the investigation were “of notable importance in determining the guilt of the person under investigation” since there were no “other feasible means of proof for their investigation.”

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