The judge prosecutes the Burgos retiree accused of sending explosive letters for terrorism

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The judge of the National Court Jose Luis Calama it has prosecuted the 74-year-old man arrested for sending half a dozen explosive letters to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, for terrorism; the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles; the ambassadors of USA y Ukraine in Spain; the weapons company Instalaza, in Zaragoza; and to the satellite center of the Air Base of Torrejon de Ardoz.

The examining magistrate considers that the actions of Pompey Gonzalez Pascual, detained in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) can be considered a terrorist because, “although there are no indications that he belongs to or collaborates with an organized terrorist gang or group, the actions he is accused of, the context in which it occurs (the war in Ukraine) , the feasibility of the devices exploding (as happened in the case of the Ukrainian Embassy) and the recipients of their actions show that the mind of said defendant is present […] the objective of disturbing public peace”, as well as “how to force the public powers of our country to refrain from the support shown in favor of Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression”.

The magistrate adds that the detainee transmitted “the message that we are facing actions carried out by people linked to Russia as repression of the interests of Spain and the United States as a result of their support for Ukraine in the face of the Russian occupation.” On the eve of his arrest the New York Times He went so far as to cite US intelligence sources that supported that interpretation.

The judge lists the abundant indications that have led to the prosecution. Among them, that the DNA found on the seals and parts of the artifacts coincides with that of the detainee. Police proceeded to arrest him after taking genetic samples from his trash and checking the match. At the retiree’s home, screws and springs like those found in the packages were found, as well as material to work on them.

The tracking of the Correos shipments also points to the defendant, who also consulted a website on the internet where he bought envelopes such as those for the shipments. The tracking of his purchases on Amazon showed that he had acquired the material he needed there: pure potassium nitrate, wire with a wick, switches and copper wires and incandescent bulbs, screws, precision drill bits, templates to draw numbers and the alphabet, etc. .

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