The judge sends Lucas Burgueño, Óscar Puente’s stalker, to prison for violating his parents’ restraining order

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The Investigative Court number 3 of Valladolid, acting as guard, has agreed to prison for the psychologist, firefighter and monologist Lucas Burgueñothe same one who was reported for harassing the PSOE deputy Oscar Puente on an AVE on September 29. Now he will enter the Valladolid prison for failing to comply with a restraining order against his parentswhom he allegedly threatened and tried to extort.

Burgueño was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority this morning for violating said restraining order and for the crime of threats and shortly after the corresponding order was issued, also at the request of the Valladolid Prosecutor’s Office, by virtue of which his admission has been decreed. in provisional arrest, communicated and without bailaccording to what judicial sources informed Europa Press.

His latest arrest is motivated by non-compliance with the restraining order that the Investigative Court number 1 of the capital decreed a week ago regarding his parents, after an incident between the psychologist and his parents on October 29 on which he committed assumptions crimes of revelation of secrets, coercion, threats and damages.

The instructor imposed a restraining order on Burgueño from his parents – he cannot approach them within 300 meters – and prohibited him from communicating with them, although the accused has not respected this security measure when approaching them on the street. this Monday at no less than four meters away, when they were with a friend, and recorded them with his mobile phone so, before leaving the stage, he threatened them so that they would not report him. “If you report me, I’ll cut your head!”is the phrase that their parents put in their mouths.

It so happens that the Investigative Court 1 has another case open against Burgueño and two other people for scam and an altercation in a hospitality establishment from which they left without paying for what they consumed. In this incident he was not arrested.

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