The “Kelionii opera” outlet, which opened its doors in Vilnius, will surprise customers with extremely low prices

Factory outlet from simple ones differ in that in it there are items made specifically for sales. “Imagine a giant Samsonite production line that is matched to a specific model of suitcaseams. After the end of the season came a new collection and launched a new line. It is useless to stop the old one, which has been in operation for only a year, so it does not stop production, but sends the production specifically to its official outlets. It is a mistake to think that only those goods that have remained in warehouses or were not sold in regular stores are available in outlet stores. Suitcases reach our outlet directly from the manufacturer,” said Kelionii operas. marketing manager Aida Pukytuh.

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Manufacturer sales are a real joy for those who get attached to things and desperately look for the same ones after a while. Sometimes the goods delivered to the Samsonite outlet differ very slightly from the usual store assortment: a different zipper shape, wheel pattern or lining color. They are provided with all the manufacturer’s guarantees. However, they really differ in price. She – 25 percent or even more lowerthan similar goods prices in regular stores.

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The Samsonite brand is the world’s most innovative luggage manufacturer with recognized quality. As a global leader, it is welcome in all shopping centers, Vilnius Outlet is no exception. “Kelionio Opera” has Samsonite collections made especially for outlet stores, which maintain the quality guarantee, style diversity, but are characterized by a lower price. You will be the first and only ones to purchase these collections in Lithuania “Vilnius Outlet” shopping centerre”, says Evelina Šriupšaitė, development manager of “Vilnius Outlet”.

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According to “Travel OperaMarketing manager A. Pukytė, the price of a product is one of the most important factors for Lithuanians, but the further it goes, the more it is not decisive. “Five or seven years ago, people usually bought black suitcases with a classic design at the best price. Now we notice that style, exclusivity, playfulness, new technologies are becoming more and more important features of a suitcase or travel bag. After all, how fun it is to recognize one’s own from afar in the baggage lane of the airport”, she says and adds that sometimes people match their suitcases even to the color of the car.

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“Travel Operas” with many years of trading experience marketing the manager also knows fashion that can surprise youos subtleties. For some reason, Estonians don’t like green suitcases, and Lithuanians don’t buy purple ones at all. “We probably associate purple with mourning. I could not explain its unpopularity otherwise. When choosing the colors of the products, we always remember this “dislike” of Lithuanians and try to find an alternative to it: red wine-colored or lighter lilac suitcases”, – revealed A. Pukytė..

She also emphasized that the Samsonite brand they represent does not only make suitcases. At the moment, another product is extremely relevant – backpacks. “As September approaches, there are more and more people jas buy from us. Samsonite backpacks are not only beautiful and durable, but and are created based on the results of scientific research. They are made in such a way that they do not harm the back and do not hurt the childabout lay peopleold, would be extremely comfortable to carry considerable weights. By the way, computer cases are also of extremely high quality. All their models must withstand serious temperature and impact tests”, said A. Pukytė.

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Kelionii opera sells not only Samsonite, but also products of other famous and recognized brands. Here you can find excellent quality and new technologies from Hartmann, American Tourister, Lipault“, „Disney by Samsonite“, „High Sierra“, „Mc Gregory“, „Spek“, „Mac Alyster“, „Le Tanneur“, „Lancel“, „Cerutti”, “La Martina”, “Lamborghini” brands of luggage, bags, rucksacks, handbags, accessories.


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