The ketogenic diet: a new ally against cancer? – Franceinfo


More and more studies are urging its effectiveness in curbing epileptic seizures in children, or reducing diabetes, for example. The ketogenic diet could also help cancer patients.

To develop, a cancerous tumor needs blood vessels that allow it to attract all the elements that will be nourished. Starting with sugar. Reducing its presence in the diet could upset cancer cells, desiring glucose. "In fact, when we grow cancer cells with less glucose, they die faster and are more sensitive to chemotherapy.In the mouse, we observed the same effects, not yet in humans."says Dr. Dr Bruno Reynard, a nutritionist by Gustave Roussy.

In humans, there are dozens of studies going on all over the world. Some recommend fasting. The patient stops eating completely two or three days before chemotherapy. Another solution: not to deprive the body of calories too much, carbohydrates can be replaced by lipids. This is the principle of the ketogenic diet.

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The results may differ according to the tumors. Therefore, patients should not be involved in a diet alone without talking to the team that takes care of their disease. They could compromise the effectiveness of the treatments used to treat them.


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