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The international battle on Tim see Giancarlo Giorgetti sit in a key role. Hot hours for the Italian telephone company: the American Kkr announced a Friendly takeover, “but only with the go-ahead from the government.” The minimum goal is 51% but the real goal is the acquisition of 100%. The French of Vivendi I’m at the window, the “stew” scenario with the unpacking of the various branches of the company divided among the aspiring buyers worries the former CEO Gamberale (“The original sin – explains the manager to Corriere della Sera – lies in an anomalous privatization compared to those of Enel ed Eni“) but in the meantime the government thinks about it, and how Mef warns: “We will evaluate the projects on the network”, with implications that concern not only the company’s prospects (estimated value by Kkr: 11 billion euros) and its role in the world sector, but also that of the IT security of Italian users’ data .

Because of this Mario Draghi decided to form a “supercommittee“for the Tlc strategy: for now the key word is” neutrality “, a prudent and unprejudiced evaluation of the American offer. The game is huge and crosses with the PNRR: management of the national network, copper and optical fiber, and , as mentioned, the huge “sensitive database currently managed by Telecom Sparkle. The premier will entrust the dossier to three important ministers, Giorgetti (Economic Development), Vittorio Colao (Technological innovation) e Daniele Franco (Honey, Draghi’s real shadow man). But he will also sit at the table Franco Gabrielli, undersecretary with responsibility for the secret services confirming how much the US-France match can have decisive repercussions for national security. Without forgetting the employment impact on the Italian workforce, which Giorgetti will have to guarantee.


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