Sport The keys to the healthy mens operation for Maradona...

The keys to the healthy mens operation for Maradona to continue with the diver from albiazul technician

Diego wants and in Gymnastics they want to keep him. will have to agree on the numbers / D. Ripoll

Gymnastics continues to pull the strings so that Diego Armando Maradona continues to lead the first team until December 2021. The first key point will be to agree on the numbers. As this newspaper exclusively anticipated, from Calle 4 there will be a reduction of the entire football budget and that includes, also, a salary cut for the Ten.

There have already been contacts by sports issue. There were telephone crossings between the mens sana president, Gabriel Pellegrino, and the intermediary Christian Bragarnik, who manages the football side of the “Pelusa” race. According to what this newspaper could know, those first talks were very positive and the idea is that Diego continue to be accompanied by the same team, with Sebastián Méndez and Adrián González as main assistants.

Now the second leg of the negotiations will come: the economic question. For this, meetings are already scheduled between the leaders of Gymnastics and the body of lawyers that handles Diego’s numbers, with Matías Morla to the head. In the first polls, the club told the lawyers that the current cost of Maradona’s contract is too high for the treasury at the current juncture, so they will offer him a contract that represents a significant effort for the Wolf, but that In any case, it will have a cut with respect to the bond that will expire in August.

The duration? The current contract with Maradona concludes next August, so the link is currently in force. The CD has a draft written to offer the Ten a contract until December 2021.

The idea is that if football resumes, Diego is in charge of the Cup that would be played from September to December and he can also direct the entire 2021 season, with the new format that the AFA is considering, to make a championship that coincides with the calendar year, to be played from January to December.


To all this, an issue that has already been resolved and that remained stand by product of the isolation decreed to fight the pandemic, is the move from Maradona to our city.

Diego you already have your house ready in a closed neighborhood located on Route 2, fully furnished and with some special requirements requested by Diez, such as the placement of large plasmas to watch football games. What’s more, this newspaper learned that renting the house will have a zero cost for the institution, since it is a donation from a member characterized by the entity.

The move is not a point less, since Diego would live 10 minutes by car from the Estancia Chica property, the labor bunker of his professional staff.

Finally, there is also a decisive point: Maradona’s state of health. Diego is monitored weekly and when the team returns to the ring, he will be evaluated to see under what conditions he will be able to join the field tasks and the demanding day to day of a professional team.

Partner at the minute: at the minute of birth the child’s gymnastics club was written down Valentín Andrés Alonso.



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