The King of Songs’ life came to an end… Gao Xiangpeng fell into a coma across the road for nearly a year and passed away at the age of 67 | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center/Reported by Zheng Yurong

▲Lin Zuer confirmed the news of Gao Xiangpeng’s death, and expressed “unbelievable” sadly. (Picture / Retrieved from Facebook)

Senior Taiwanese singer Gao Xiangpeng (big brother) accidentally fell and fell into a coma while crossing the road in October 2021. He was sent to the doctor. Lin Zuer, CEO of Bali Shi Performing Arts Agency, posted on Facebook today (5), confirming that Gao Xiangpeng has passed away, and it is even more sad. Said, “I wish you continued success in heaven, and thank you for the joy that Gao Dabao brought to everyone when he was working at the same event. The subject of life has graduated…”

Taiwanese singer Gao Xiangpeng suffered an accident in 2021. He suddenly fell into a coma when he returned home and crossed the road, and was sent to the intensive care unit for rescue. The agent once revealed that the doctor had determined that it was cerebral hypoxia.

After being discharged from the hospital at the beginning of this year (2022), Gao Xiangpeng was sent by his family to a sanatorium in Taoyuan to recuperate. When asked about Gao Xiangpeng’s current situation a few months ago, his friend Xie Lei once said in a low-key manner, “There is no news from him, I heard that he is still in a coma”, and “He shouldn’t be like this, he’s such a cheerful person.”

Now that the bad news has come out, not only fans are sad, but friends in the circle have also posted their condolences. Wen Hanlong posted the past chat records of the two, and sadly wrote, “Brother Gao, let’s have a good rest.” Tianwa also said, “Brother Gao Xiangpeng. Rest in peace, and I pray that he will be a happy angel.”

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