Sport The king went to negotiate with Babiš. He...

The king went to negotiate with Babiš. He agreed with him two things that will fundamentally help hockey

Vít Šimánek, ČTK

Hockey is now governed by generally accepted rules imposed by the government, which include the mandatory wearing of veils in winter stadiums (excluding players, members of the implementation team and referees) or limited spectator capacity.

However, the National Sports Agency, led by Milan Hnilička, and the hockey association came up with a draft manual that would allow all domestic team sports (except football, which already has its own modifications) further exceptions.

President of the Czech Ice Hockey Association Tomáš Král (middle), director of the Tipsport ice hockey extra league Josef Řezníček (left) and director of marketing partner Jana Obermajerová from BPA before the start of the hockey extra league.

Vít Šimánek, ČTK

Two points are key in the manual. First; so that the result of a positive test is not quarantine for the whole team. “We are in a worse position than football, because the environment in closed winter stadiums is very complicated. Nevertheless, we have a basic goal, which is to abolish quarantine for the entire team in the event of an infection of individuals, “says Tomáš Král.

“There is no set exact number of players, which would be the limit for the quarantine of the whole team. Of course, we are aware that if the situation in one of the regions is unbearable, quarantine may still come, “added the federal president.

The second key point of the manual is the testing of players. If it were to be done before each round, sometimes three times a week, it would be financially and technically unbearable for clubs. In addition, the proposed manual does not provide for regular testing, for example on a weekly basis.

The day before the start, the extra league reports a problem! The match between Vítkovice and Litvínov will not take place on Thursday

“We want to have only those who show symptoms of covidem-19 tested,” King explains, adding that clubs are advised by the union to measure the temperature of players when entering the stadium, in addition to government regulations.

The king expects the manual to be approved by the government in a matter of days. “We discussed this with Prime Minister Babiš, and it could really be in a few days. If that happens, we won’t be offended like hockey and other sports based on the manual. From all sides, even from the government, I feel the will of the sport to help, not to defend it. I believe that we are close to being allowed to play as much as possible, “said King.

President of the Czech Ice Hockey Association Tomáš Král at a press conference to start the hockey extra league.

Vít Šimánek, ČTK

According to him, compensation of clubs for lost profits caused by a reduction in spectator capacity in stadiums is also very probable. Now it is true that in winters for more than a thousand people, the remaining capacity can be used from 50 percent. This means that up to three thousand spectators can come to the stadium with a capacity of five thousand, and up to 5,500 people to the stadium with a capacity of ten thousand.

“It has already been decided that funds from the covid-sport program will be released to compensate clubs for lost admission, leaving almost 800 million unspent. The money can be used for professional sports clubs, “concluded King.



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