The KOI advertising agency announces that it will cancel its contracts with government agencies


The president of the advertising company KOI Americas, Edwin Miranda, one of the members of the controversial chat between Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares and government officials, announced Saturday that the company will cancel the contracts it has in force with various government agencies.

Miranda assured that the decision was taken to avoid "distractions" in the government's actions and that it does not respond to "erroneous" acts on the part of the company.

"It is a decision we are making to avoid distractions from both the government and our members in general," Miranda said. The new day.

"The resignation of the contracts has absolutely nothing to do with us doing something wrong," he added, pointing out that a survey of the Puerto Rico Controller Office found no irregularities in KOI's invoices. Americas.

The announcement comes the same day that the 889 pages of the group were distributed on Telegram's messaging platform. The messages reveal an administration worried about the impact of surveys on the media and on social networks in order to obtain favorable results in his image.

"Our personnel and our resources are not used for this and every employee of ours can guarantee that in your life you have received a text or an information to vote in a survey or you have mobilized to vote in them" Miranda reiterated.

Similarly, he assured that the subsidiary FP + 1 manages "everything that is political". "That company was run by the Ricardo Rosselló campaign committee and that is the company that, when there is some kind of survey or some kind of activation, is the company that can send a message to text to a database, can promote in networks, "he elaborated.

El Nuevo Día reported today that advertising companies Miranda Reyes benefited from $ 51 million contracts with the government of Rosselló Nevares, in two and a half years, according to the Register of the Puerto Rico Controller Office (OCPR). The companies KOI Americas, KOI Arise, iCrossing and IXS have accumulated nearly 100 contracts and amendments in a total of 15 executive branch agencies.

Miranda said that at the moment only the KOI Americas company has an ongoing contract with the government and stated that iCrossing and IXS no longer exist. "Those companies at some point, for some reason, reason or circumstance, had some kind of relationship with the government, but in reality they hadn't had it long ago. Who only had relationships was KOI Americas," he said.

"No company or branch of ours will offer any service to the government, nor will it offer a service in that direction" he added.

The executive pointed out that the company has produced unprecedented results in the areas of economic development and tourism. "The company has done a very worthy job for government agencies," he said.

In written statements by management, the company claimed to have done its job "in compliance with all the rigors of the law".

"We are really proud of the results achieved in difficult fiscal periods in Puerto Rico", he kept Miranda.

In addition to Rossella Nevares and Miranda, the chat consists of the governor's communication consultants, Carlos Bermúdez and Rafael Cerame; the former legal adviser, Alfonso Orona; the executive director of the Financial Advisory Authority and Fiscal Agency (Aafaf), Christian Sobrino; the secretary of the government, Ricardo Llerandi, former secretary of public affairs of La Fortaleza, Ramón Rosario; Secretary of State, Luis Gerardo Rivera Marín; the Secretary of the Treasury, Raúl Maldonado; and the former campaign director of the governor and former representative of the government before the Tax Supervision Council (JSF), Elías Sánchez Sifonte.

This afternoon, the governor fired the members of the chat, excluding the secretary of the Interior, Ricardo Llerandi, and the secretary of Public Affairs, Anthony Maceira, and hinted that he will not resign from his post.

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