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The United Kingdom has begun supplying these missiles to Ukraine. Missiles that cannot be seen by radars cannot be shot down. Missiles, the first warhead of which hits the fortification (armor, concrete, underground bunker), then the second warhead detonates, destroying everything. Missiles have built-in memory, when in flight they compare objects with the built-in information, so the hit rate is 100%. The operational range of the Storm Shadow supplied to Ukraine is 300 km. They are launched from fighters (air-ground). The Crimean bridge is under threat, one hit and the bridge is gone. Fun!

May 19, 21:51

I have to disappoint you, JA sees and knocks off those Storm Shadow missiles you praise very well. Nothing explodes or burns from falling debris as it happens on the Ukrainian side. You can only dream about your hopes of hitting the Crimean bridge. Yes, about the software that is put in the rocket, it is an outdated version, modern rockets do not fly according to the program, but according to GPS.

Yesterday, 14:29

Idit and Peter Vilis Gutmans and STORM SHADOW can be given to the Crimean bridge and so look to their ethnic homeland Russia and the Ukrainian army will also have F-16.

Yesterday, 17:02

“STORM SHADOW can be issued to the Crimean Bridge” (c)

The most interesting thing is why the mentioned rocket is being advertised like that. It is not even really suitable for demolishing the Crimean bridge, because it is meant for blowing up bunkers and works like a vacuum bomb. The range of the missile is one thing, and being able to overcome / bypass anti-aircraft defense is quite another. Perhaps the main Ukrainian command bunker blown up 123 m below the ground, in which the entire Ukrainian counter-strike leadership, including representatives of NATO countries, is to blame. Therefore, the counter-strike has failed and its date has been postponed several times and it is not clear whether it has already started or has already ended. It’s the same with Zaluzhny, who after the Kremlin’s “answer” for trying to attack Putin, nobody has seen him – he’s kind of hiding… some others claim that he came from Ukraine and was even seen somewhere in the West. The last version is unlikely, because then he should flee to Russia, it would be safer. And then, at the same time, there is the sick Lukashenko, whom the West has almost put in a coffin, to distract attention. Yes, it is possible that they tried to poison Lukashenko, but if it didn’t work, then he will survive, because since he appeared in public, he looks sharper every day.

“The Ukrainian army will also have F-16.” (C)

F-16 is not suitable for Ukraine at all, because it needs another F-15, which will protect the first one, because it is more like a bomber than a fighter. But by then Ukraine will already be KF and will be able to fly Su-57 :)))) .

Yesterday, 19:23

I read the comments, so many knowledgeable experts!!!!!

Yesterday, 19:37

And finally close your stinky Kremlin Andis Atvars, a specialist of the end of the world, and you are real, a moron born and left over from an abortion, and I listen to what real war specialists say and don’t read your stupid online nightmares and the same to your stupid online friend Vilis Gutmanis and you can support his best friend Vladimir Putin and Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Yesterday, 21:05

And the moron neta dirsey and Ukraine will never invade Russian territory.

Yesterday, 21:08

and your comment and lonely and sick net nightmares again!

Yesterday, 21:09

Putin has good expressions and one of them is – if you get angry, then you are not right, as you will be able to both close your stinking gills and confirm that you are a real offspring, the remains of an abortion and what not.

“Ukraine will never invade Russian territory.”(C)

Has already invaded because you are not truthful about this either. But it is true, as you have evaluated your writing – sick net nightmares.

Yesterday, 22:44

Mārcis Dzelme is a small question, if I am not right and everything is going as smoothly for the Ukrainians as the Latvian media tells us here. So what are you so worried about? Maybe because they don’t want to admit that despite all the great help, the Ukrainians are getting screwed and that the glorified western technology is not an indestructible miracle weapon.

Yesterday, 23:33

In spite of the sick pedarast ja alias Marcis Dzelme howling, misfortune is for Ukraine, because it is thoroughly beaten. Artemovska has already been liberated, other places will continue to be liberated as well. Judging by the latest forecasts, Ukraine may not wait for the F-16, because it will be eliminated sooner.

Today, 3:32 am

So go, 3 morons, you’re not a pederast, you’re a moron, Elmar the Red, a sick pederast, and the Ukrainian army is already saying its counterattack, and the Russians can’t let heavy cars and trains cross the Kerca bridge, because they’re terrified of Storm Shadow and the morons of the Kremlin, and Ukraine is only waiting for the F-16 .

Today, 9:47 am

Márcis Dzelme drink a soothing tea savádák jús čerš leki. Everything you write about here is just a figment of your sick imagination.

Today, 10:59

You mentally ill pederast Vilis Gutmanis and you 100% need a psychiatrist and a ward at Tvaika iela 2 and this is fresh punishment information and the Russian was finally punished only Bakhmut

Today, 11:24

And you also think that the mentally ill pederast Andis Atvaras 100% also needs a psychiatrist and a moronic net director and a moronic Kremlin, a Russian has invaded the territory of Ukraine and that you could have been born by that moron.

Today, 11:28

And there was wrong information from Rita about Bakhmut, and Prigozin had complained about you.

Today, 12:24 p.m

Storm Shadow missiles have GPS, but route information is also included. In flight, the missile sees the terrain, objects on the ground, compares and accurately hits the target. A smart rocket. In simpler terms, if the missile has to hit the window of the second floor of a 10-story building, the third from the left, the missile will hit exactly. This cannot be done using GPS alone. Rocket flight height – 25-30 meters. The Rossea does not have an anti-aircraft defense system capable of taking down a Storm Shadow.

Storm Shadow hit the Crimean bridge? The first warhead destroys the deck of the bridge, the second destroys the bridge supports. Beautiful! Thanks Brits! Glory to Ukraine! Death to Mordor!

Today, 12:35 p.m

“The first warhead destroys the deck of the bridge, the second destroys the bridge piers. Nice! Thanks British!”(c)

It even sounds funny, because why destroy the covering of the bridge. if the main thing is to destroy the supports of the bridge. But the British may not be able to thank their brainwashed champs in power if “Poseidon” visits British shores.

“Rossey has no anti-aircraft defense system capable of taking down Storm Shadow.” (C)

In general, the Syrian air defense was able to cope with “Storm Shadow” (2018). When NATO did not recognize the downing of the 8th missile, the Russians exhibited the wreckage of the downed missiles for general inspection. The most significant thing is that the delivery of the said missile coincided with the movement of the radiative cloud, from a Ukrainian air-dropped ammunition depot with British-supplied uranium artillery shells, over the EU. So to speak, drowning the existing shit with new shit.

As for the SS missile, I don’t really understand what is so unique about it that it would be able to bypass anti-aircraft defense. Yes, it flies low, but the tomahawk was even able to copy the terrain at a height of 30 meters, which did not protect it in any way from interception.

Today, 16:33

You moron, Atvars, stop talking here, and with one Storm Shadow you can completely destroy the Kerts bridge, and the Russian clearly understands that, and everyone’s nightmares are at your doorstep.

Today, 17:41

“with one Storm Shadow you can completely destroy the Kerts Bridge” (C)

It certainly cannot be destroyed, but it could be damaged if it were not intercepted. It is also important where exactly the missile hits. But then there is the other side of the coin. After such a walkout, the answer will follow and it remains only to remember the previous terrorist act with the destruction of the Crimean bridge and celebrations in Kiev. But the cheers quickly ended when even a mobile phone. the battery could no longer be charged. Exactly the same with the drone attack on the Kremlin. After that, the disappearance of Zaluzhny and Sirsk follows, the radioactive mushroom “grows”, which the wind carries to the west and the counter-strike has made it clear that even the despised Chinese peace initiative has already become a gift from heaven in the EU. The EU has lost a trillion euros in Ukraine (~ 67 Latvian annual budgets) and has gained absolutely nothing.

Today, 18:48

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2023-05-19 18:56:29

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