The Lakers will regret their decision


Lonzo Ball wants the last word.

In a new mixtape released Thursday, the recently acquired pelicans guard claimed that the Lakers "I regret their decision"To send him to New Orleans as part of a package for Anthony Davis.

In total, Ball continues to repeat the "regret" line – part of the "Last Days" hook four times in just 2 minutes and 41 seconds. The joke arrives on the first of the three tracks of the project, which according to him is not a rep work.

"I'm not dissing anyone, I really enjoyed my time in Los Angeles. I use my music as an outlet to express the things that happen in my life" tweeted Thursday.

But apparently Ball's contempt wasn't reserved only for Los Angeles.

Later in the song, Ball took it out on his former manager Alan Foster, who he shot in march after learning that Foster allegedly stole about $ 1.5 million from him.

As for his former manager, Ball says: "The situations of my life will turn a boy into a man / See, I was 19 when I first met Uncle Sam / Trust the wrong person, I lost some Ls. "

He then gave a blow to the possibility that he and Foster would patch things up.

"I'm not trying to patch up the reports, I just let them burn," he said about the "50 & 30" project.

Ball could hope to make the Lakers look silly, but he wasn't caught off guard by the deal.

He had previously told ESPN he was "excited" for being traded to New Orleans.

"Yes, I have heard my name for two years now," Ball said of trade rumors that persisted during his Los Angeles period. "So it didn't bother me at all. We were all ready for it."

Ball, alongside Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart, also included in the Davis acquisition agreement, is preparing for a big season in the Big Easy.

The director scored 5.4 assists in over 30 minutes per game, but lost 35 games due to an ankle injury.



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