The lane: The government must open stores and replace 100 percent of sales

“The current measure is exactly the same as the repealed one, so it is just as unconstitutional. Therefore, I expect that the government will repeal the current measures and the stores will be able to open within a few days, “said Prouza when asked by News.

“At the moment, I call on government officials to publicly apologize to the owners and operators of unconstitutional transactions and to approve a system within a week to compensate for the damage caused in the amount of one hundred percent of average revenues for the entire unconstitutional period,” added Prouza.

Don’t look for loops and listen

According to the union, the government should not look for legal loopholes on how to disregard the Constitutional Court, but “should immediately put into practice equal treatment of all businesses.”

“Shops are and always have been a safe place for customers and employees,” added Prouza. According to SOCR ČR data, shop operators have invested over seven billion crowns in protection against the spread of the disease.

“In accordance with constitutional principles, the government must stop discriminating against individual traders according to the type of goods sold and introduce hygienic rules that will allow them to be opened safely to all. Closed stores are ready to open and comply with all the rules, “he concluded.

On Monday, the Constitutional Court (CC) lifted the retail sales restriction of 28 January this year. He published a decision on a constitutional complaint by a group of senators who were bothered, for example, by the selection of stores that could be opened. At the same time, however, the CC stated that the finding did not mean the immediate opening of retail stores, as the repealed measure expired on 14 February.

“Nevertheless, the Constitutional Court considers the conclusions contained in the reasoning of this judgment to be very fundamental, as they represent a kind of ‘memento’ for possible further restrictive measures of the government,” the judgment states.


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