The large asteroid passes between the Earth and the Moon


The new asteroid, baptized as OK 2019 has dimensions similar to a football field. Photo: RT

Near the Earth at a distance of 73,000 kilometers passed a large asteroid, which could have been seen with simple binoculars, but scientists did not have time to give the news to the world.

According to RT reports, a new asteroid was discovered on July 25, baptized as OK 2019 and similar in size to a football field. At about 1:22 GMT, the celestial body passed unusually close to the Earth at a speed of over 24.5 kilometers per second (88,500 kilometers an hour), but scientists did not realize its presence until a few hours first, says the ScienceAlert portal.

According to NASA estimates, the asteroid has a diameter between 57 and 130 meters and has passed 73,000 kilometers from the Earth between it and the Moon (the average distance between our planet and the Moon is 384,400 kilometers).

The asteroid has been detected by the Brazilian astronomers of the Sonear observatory. According to the portal, during its closer approach and in the hours of darkness, 2019 would have been visible with a simple pair of binoculars, but scientists have not had time to warn the world of its approach, because they could not follow it until Wednesday.

The object has an elliptical orbit and a path that crosses the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and then passes through the orbits of Earth and Venus.

Alan Duffy, chief scientist at the Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus), told the Washington Post that the arrival of 2019 OK should not have surprised anyone, as there were forecasts for this week on the arrival of a pair of asteroids that would have passed relatively close to the Earth.

"I thought everyone was worried about something we knew would come," the expert said. When Duffy learned the details of 2019 OK, he confessed that for him "it was a real shock". This asteroid, he explained, belongs to the group of space rocks that the astronomical community calls "city killers". If he had hit the earth, he said, the damage would have been devastating.

(Taken from RT)

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