The largest gas supplier is more expensive, new fixations are many times higher

The largest domestic supplier gas From November 20, Innogy will raise the price of natural gas for those of its customers who do not have fixed prices from the past. The total annual payment for the supply of gas to households will increase by an average of 10.6 percent for the basic product Standard. Last time Innogy for this product, prices changed last fall, when gas fell by five percent.

For a model customer who only cooks on natural gas, the new Innogy price list means an increase in the monthly payment by 15 crowns, and for a family in a smaller family house, for example, the monthly costs of hot water heating and gas heating will increase by 200 crowns.

“Most of our existing customers will not be affected by this price increase at all; of course, we will adhere to long-term fixed-price contracts. More than half of our customers currently rely on the security and stability associated with our fixed products, ”says David Konvalina, Innogy Group Director of Retail and Marketing.

Innogy recommends delivery prices energy rather fix. For new customers, however, fixation suppliers have recently become significantly more expensive for gas as well electricity and Innogy did it too. It is a reaction to record energy prices on stock exchanges, from which the price lists of household suppliers are derived. And in the Czech Republic, suppliers are also responding to the influx of people who are largely leaving suppliers from the Bohemia Energy group. In addition, she announced today that it is ending. Among other things, companies regulate the inflow of new clients with high prices of new fixations, of which there are so many that customer centers report queues and some suppliers have even declared a stop status for the receipt of new clients.

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“Because in recent weeks we have helped thousands of customers whose unreliable suppliers have terminated contracts with” fixed prices “when they are no longer advantageous to them, or have been automatically converted to” unfavorable products “, we have already sold all pre-purchased gas and electricity reserved for new customers. . For other new customers, we have to buy at current wholesale prices, the increase of which we cannot influence, “says Innogy on its website, adding that it has currently limited the range of its products. For example, the Standard mentioned in the introduction will not be purchased by a new customer now, and the company will only offer people fixed prices for the next three years (or 30 months for electricity).

In today’s offer, Innogy has significantly increased the price of the Optimal product, for example. In the first twelve months from the signing of the contract up to three times the previous final price. Specifically, a threefold increase in fixations in the first year of the contract applies, for example, to those who cook with gas and heat water. For those who only cook with gas, it is about increasing the price by about one hundred percent. In the second and third year of fixation at Innoga, the agreed prices fall, and the growth compared to the previous price list thus makes “only” tens of percent.

Those who boil and heat water with gas have so far been able to fix the price per megawatt-hour at Innoga in the first year for 1349.31 crowns, now it is 3869.13 crowns. In the second year of fixation, the price has so far been 1,337.81 crowns, now it is 2,023.88 crowns. And in the third year the prices rose from 1326.32 crowns to 2023.88 crowns. For example, competitive ČEZ fixation increased at the end of last week and the price per megawatt hour with an annual fixation is 3109.66 crowns, for a two-year fixation it is 2577.26 crowns (the price is the same in both years).

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