The last 18 BMW i3s produced have a special color and purpose

In addition to the ten-piece HomeRun edition, the end of production of the BMW i3 electric car is also celebrated by eighteen pieces in gold, which were taken over by a customer at the BMW Welt in Munich, the car company’s headquarters. Yes, one customer, but not a collector – he is the Munich car rental company CarVia.

The shiny gold paint is accompanied by a black roof, hood and rear fascia. The wheels are also black, on the contrary, we see blue details in the interior. Cars will be available for rent from 40 euros (986 crowns) per day; when renting for the weekend, the price is 56 euros (1381 crowns) per day.

All cars are the i3s variant, which means 184bhp and 270Nm of torque, driving the rear wheels. Their battery has a usable capacity of 37.9 kWh and, according to the WLTP standard, the range per charge is up to 285 km.

Handing over the last eighteen BMW i3s produced

Photo: BMW

The BMW i3 was at the birth of the i division of the BMW car company, which added electric cars to its offer. Originally, it had a battery with a usable capacity of only 18.8 kWh, but it gradually grew.

The REx version was also unique, adding a small gasoline two-cylinder to the battery capable of recharging it while driving. In total, over 250,000 units of this model were produced in 8.5 years of production.

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