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The Last Dance: the delivery that delivered the “intoxicated” pizza to Jordan told his truth

The hit series “The Last Dance”, which reviews Michael Jordan’s career with his last season at Chicago Bulls as the main focus, came to an end on Monday. In any case, the documentary of the acclaimed basketball player continues and will continue to make people talk, as it offers stories and moments of the most varied in the career of the American athlete.

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In the ninth and penultimate chapter of the series, which can be seen through Netflix, one of his most momentous matches is recalled. This is the “Flu Game” (The Flu Game), which was named after the poor health that Jordan was suffering during the fifth game against Utah Jazz by the 1997 NBA Finals.

A little more than two decades later, MJ himself was in charge of giving a novel version of that night in which he ended up wearing 38 points and a vital triple in the final seconds to give his team the 90-88 victory and put 3-2 up in the series. Days later, the Bulls won the sixth game at home and conquered the fifth ring in their history.

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“It was not the flu game … It was poisoned food,” said Jordan, convinced. The chapter tells in great detail that night before the fifth game in Salt Lake City, in which, according to what he said, he suffered a severe upset stomach from consuming a food in poor condition.

In the story of the protagonist and those who accompanied him that night of June 9, 1997 at the Park City hotel, they claimed that Michael was hungry around 10 pm and asked his assistants to get him some food. And as they commented, there was no choice but to order a pizza from the only pizzeria that was open.

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“There were four or five bringing a pizza. We thought something weird was going on, ”revealed Tim Glover, the basketball player’s historic fitness trainer, about the suspicious delivery delivery. However, Michael ate the entire pizza. But the food fell lousy and at dawn it began with vomiting, severe pain and tremors that did not allow him to rest all night. The team’s doctors injected him with serum and ordered him to rest, so he missed the last practice with his teammates. But the Bulls captain didn’t want to miss the game and was there, ready to be the hero once again. And so it happened.

But this is only one of the two bells, because on Tuesday the testimony of Craig Fite, the manager of the Pizza Hut who took the delivery to Jordan was known. In dialogue with the program “The Big Show”, the employee denied the accusations: “The stupid things he said, that there were five people … There were not even that many people working in the place! There were only two of us, ”he pointed out.

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And he kept defending himself: “Did Michael get diagnosed? Did he go to the doctor? They’re just hints. I followed all the rules for preparing that meal. There were no other reports of poisoning on our products that night. That pizza was well made.” Not only that: He claimed to be a fan of the Bulls and provided more details of the order preparation. “I remember telling others that I would do it so they couldn’t do anything to him. Then the driver took me to the rally and we went with the order. All the ingredients were fresh and nothing was added that could make him sick, ”he said.

Finally, he recalled how it was the time of delivery of the “crispy pepperoni pizza” they had requested for Your Majesty. “As soon as the elevator door opened, it was as if I had been hit in the face with cigarette smoke. I remember they were smoking a lot of cigars and they had the windows open. He was shirtless and it was pretty cold.” Fite closed.


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