The last of the Route du Rhum does not regret anything


A few hours before arriving, outside the legal deadline, in Guadeloupe, Loïc Le Doyen shares The cross his pride for completing the humanitarian project that inflated his wing through the Atlantic.

While their prestigious colleagues will seek funding for their next adventures highlighting their past exploits in the bays of the boat show, which will open to the public on Saturday 8 December, the last two competitors of the Route du Rhum are still at sea for a few hours. Before touching the ground during the weekend.

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If the old partner of The cross Eric Bellion (1), who took the departure of Saint-Malo aboard a schooner, he always knew that he would probably come back to him to wear the red lantern in Guadeloupe, Loïc Le Doyen had other ambitions: to do better on this boat compared to the 23 days recorded in 2006 during its first Route du Rhum and not arriving last of the Class40, these small monohulls of 12 m that were by far the most numerous at the beginning.

Support for sick children

It is now almost two weeks since the sailor sailed with the belief that these two objectives will not be met. He consoles himself with the third, most important: the support of these sick children whose colors he wears. "I took all the people behind this beautiful project for hospitalized children in port, this is the main one, he says by mail from his boat, and crossing the Atlantic alone is a great human adventure. "

It remains the regret to share with Eric Bellion the sad privilege of arriving after the official closure of the line (Friday 7 December), and therefore not appear in the ranking of the race. "I think it's a shame to close the line when not everyone has arrived, he said, the latter have as much merit as the former. "

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Jean-François Fournel


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