The last of them is Riham Said .. The media suffered from the disease and this journey with him


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Monday 01 July 2019

Mustafa Ali wrote:

The media reported that Riham Said, infected with "facial bacteria", asked the public to pray for her, and confirmed the official page through the social networking site "Facebook" that had a microbe in the face, and doctors pointed out that the danger still exists and tries to eliminate the microbe.

"Masrawy" reviews major media professionals with the disease as follows:

1 – Sherif Madkour

In April, Sheriff Madkour announced he had colon cancer, underwent surgery to remove the tumor, and then appeared on satellite programs to reassure his audience and returned to present his Al-Hayat program.

2 – Amr Adib:

In March 2017, the journalist Amr Adib was exposed to a health problem and was transferred to the hospital, undergoing surgery for the installation of two stumps in his heart, said of his illness: "Ha he had a stroke the morning of his illness and felt pain, but it was noon to present an episode of his program as usual The next day the doctor gave him a heart exam, then asked him to do some tests, it was went to the hospital to do it and after half an hour he underwent a catheterization ".

Basma Wahba:

During his meeting with Nishan in the "Honey and I" program, he revealed that he had discovered his illness by chance during his visit to Dubai to sign a program contract on OSN, when he prayed two raks ah for Allah and put his hands on his chest, he found something similar to the ball. He immediately told her that he had experienced the news of his illness with all his persistence: although one of his breasts had been removed, he was not hesitant but was happy to remove the tumor. Because the tests have shown that the tumor can return once in the blood or marrow, so you should get intensive chemotherapy.

On the other hand, Basma conducted a delicate intestinal surgery last November in the United States, where he had an intestinal bypass and had to be removed part of it.

4- Mahmoud Saad:

Mahmoud Saad underwent spinal surgery in January 2014 in London, and was then transferred to intensive care before being placed on an artificial respirator after having had lung problems.


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