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The Last of Us: Part 2 gets strict difficulty and permanent death

The Last of Us: Part 2 not only is it an excellent game with a controversial story, it is also a title that takes all sorts of settings of difficulty and accessibility almost to absurd levels. With the latest update, in addition to the already rich possibilities, there is also a variant to experience the story of Ellie with various graphic filters: There are those who adjust colors, disperse the image or apply comic outlines reminiscent of the Telltale style. And there are also complete psychedelic madness.

The new update called Grounded also adds sound customization to the gameplay modifiers, ie the ability to turn on 8-bit or 4-bit audio if you want to go back in time, or add a little helium or xenon to the air and change the treble spoken on stage. Honestly, when testing these conveniences, I couldn’t help but ask a single question: “Why ???”, but against taste…

The cryptic possibility of a mirror world has also been added, which does exactly what you would expect, but as in the previous case, no one ever called for it. What used to be on the right is suddenly on the left, all the characters become left-handed, and vice versa, even all the inscriptions are. I have no idea if there are such Twin Peaks fans in Naughty Dog, or they have no idea what to do with their free time, but in any case, you can also choose the possibility that the world will change its orientation after each of your deaths.

If original for you The Last of Us: Part 2 it was too hard, or you have finished it for a long time and you just want to fool around, you can turn on various cheats and modifiers such as slowing down time, slowing down or accelerating bullets, infinity of ammunition, raw materials, endurance weapons close to or unlimited range mode to see enemies through obstacles .

However, as the name of the update suggests, there is also the exact opposite mode, which was also one of the additional components of the first part. Grounded difficulty won’t really cuddle with you, and you can’t turn on cheats in it, just like you can’t lighten it unlike other levels during a game.

Enemies are stronger, raw materials and ammunition are almost impossible to find, the mode for listening to enemies is unavailable and the user interface is almost invisible. You don’t have the opportunity to quickly find out how much health, ammo, or if you’re close enough to the enemy to grab him from behind in the back.

If you are a true connoisseur and masochist, in addition to all this, you can turn on the one-life mode, which will delete your saved position after death, and you will have to start from the beginning in case of failure.

There are also a pair of new trophies associated with finishing to the Grounded level and permanent death, which you don’t need to get the platinum one. I hastily put my hands away from this type of challenge after a cursory test, but at least I finally got into it to The Last of Us: Part 2 finally played on New Game +. But just nice for the ordinary “heavy”.

In any case, Update Grounded will arrive on PSN this Thursday, August 13.



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