"The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding will be published on PS4" – says Sony


Given the time that required its development and the information that was released on the next console Sony, many may think you play like Dead stranding or The Last of Us Part II they didn't want to leave PS4 and, in their place, they would have thrown themselves into their successor. However, Sony he reiterated that this will not be the case as both titles will see the light in their current video game hardware.

Inside the most recent fiscal report and corresponding to the last year, Sony He dedicated a section to talk about PS4 and the importance it will have in the short term. The company states that the PlayStation 4 It will have enormous importance over the next three years and will continue to receive constant support both from the company itself and from third parties. Precisely and with regard to the support it will provide Sony is a wide range of triple A games among those that are still covered Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II is Tsushima ghost.

while Sony he acknowledges that he will start talking more about his next console in the coming months and, to prepare it, it is good to see that, at least on paper, he does not suddenly contemplate forgetting his current console. Having said that, it would not be strange to see that the three games mentioned above were not exclusive to PS4 and which were also launched on the next company platform. But this is just something that time will reveal.

Source: Sony

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