The latest and largest iPhone defies fire and passes the most difficult tests (video)

The famous JerryRigEverything YouTube channel recently reviewed a video that showed the capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro Max to withstand the harshest tests.

Among the most difficult tests that the phone underwent was the test of the screen’s ability to resist scratches. After the expert tried to cut the screen with a sharp tool, its glass showed excellent scratch resistance and was ranked seventh.

The protective glass for the phone’s cameras also showed very good resistance to scratches, as it was almost unharmed when trying to scratch it with a metal blade, and the phone frames showed clear scratches after the same test.

As for the fire endurance tests, the phone showed excellent results. After exposing its screen to the lighter flame for about 30 seconds, the screen did not show any traces of burning, and its operation or touch sensitivity was not affected. As for the durability test of the structure, it showed that the phone is sturdy enough and the shape of its structure has not been deformed even When the expert tries to bend it with both hands.


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