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Intel Xeon Phi processors are well deserved. In the next document, the Product Change Notification (update notification), the company informed its customers that the release of the last three representatives of this family was about to end. This decision is caused by a weak interest in Xeon Phi chips, whose production makes no sense, looking at the future plans of the "blue" giant.

Intel Xeon Phi

We recall that the Xeon Phi processors are direct descendants of Larrabee video accelerators, which ten years ago competed with AMD and Nvidia products. The initial project was unsuccessful, which prompted the chip maker to change the direction of development towards resource-intensive computing. It is planned that several dozen low-frequency x86 cores in the Xeon Phi will be able to adequately show up in a number of specialized loads.

Intel Xeon Phi

In the near future, three solutions from the Intel Knights Mill family, produced with the 14 nm process technology from 2017, will go quiet. Xeon Phi 7295, 7285 and 7235 can be ordered until August 9th and the last batch of CPUs will be shipped on July 31st 2020.

Note that next year the distribution of discrete graphics cores on the Intel Xe architecture is expected, which will be applied not only in the gaming segment, but also in the field of HPC computing.


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