The latest iPhone update is killing CarPlay. Nobody knows how to fix it

The latest iPhone update may be disapproved by some CarPlay users. On the one hand, you should install iOS 14.8 considering the security fixes it brings, but on the other hand, you may have another serious problem.

IPhone iOS 14.8 update will disable CarPlay

As reported by users, the latest iPhone system update may damage CarPlay. Users saythat the app no ​​longer works on their cars.

It is not entirely clear what the problem is and what is happening. Some users say that CarPlay just won’t start after installing iOS 14.8 on their devices. After connecting the iPhone to the head unit, sometimes the iPhone is still detected and starts to charge, but in some cases the device is not even recognized.

They complain about connectivity issues after installing iOS 14.8 on their iPhones Mazda drivers. It is not yet known if this is the only brand affected by this issue or if others are struggling with the same bugs.

Photo: Reddit 2020 CX-5

Apple did not consider the report to be a significant problem

Currently, no one knows the recipe for getting rid of this problem. No workaround and of course the standard solution does not work. The solution to replace the cable used to connect the iPhone to the head unit did not work.

In theory, should iOS 14.8 be the culprit, the only fix is ​​to simply downgrade to the previous version of the operating system. This is not necessarily a convenient workaround if you haven’t backed up your phone before the update.
If you are just planning to upgrade, you should do so as soon as possible. Apple is blocking the transition to earlier versions of iOS fairly quickly.

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Currently, Apple has yet to acknowledge these issues, so it’s hard to know who they’re affected by. Just as it is unknown why some drivers cannot use CarPlay in their cars.

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