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    BAG recommends tests for all patients with symptoms of Covid 19

    The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) is expanding the test criteria for Covid-19: All people who have symptoms that are compatible with Covid-19 should now be tested. These include signs of acute respiratory illness with or without fever, muscle pain, loss of smell or taste.

    In addition, cantonal doctors should also be able to order tests for asymptomatic people in hospitals, old people’s homes and nursing homes if this is justified to prevent the virus from spreading within the facility. Instructions are expected to be updated on April 27.

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    Biotech companies are involved in the search for a corona drug

    Biotech companies are innovation drivers for new drugs. Her core business is research and development. But in addition to the feeling, the timing must be right.

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    Self-employed persons receive a grace period

    On April 27 and May 11, many self-employed people are expected to reopen their businesses. Under the Corona Income Compensation Ordinance, your entitlement to compensation would end on that day.

    In practice, however, it will be the case that they will not be able to provide their services completely again from day one – for example, because they can serve fewer customers due to the hygiene and distance regulations that still apply, the Federal Council said in a statement.

    The state government has therefore decided that the entitlement of self-employed persons who can reopen their businesses on April 27 or May 11 will be extended until May 16.


    The entitlement is granted automatically: beneficiaries who already receive Corona income replacement need not do anything.

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    Shops should remain open in Zurich on May 1st

    Companies are thirsting to reopen their businesses. Four days after the first loosening stage, May 1st, when the factories are normally closed, comes to pass. The KMU and Trade Association of the Canton of Zurich (KGV) is calling on the Zurich government to join the Canton of Thurgau and to grant a blanket permit to work on the “Day of Work”.

    The exemption would apply to nurseries, flower shops, DIY stores and garden centers as well as personal service providers with body contact such as medical massages, tattoo and cosmetic studios, hairdressers, dentists and physiotherapists.

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    A request from the service companies that want to work on May 1st should not be necessary. Even then, compliance with the BAG requirements regarding hygiene and social distance applies.

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    Coronavirus in North Korea? Nothing

    According to official information, there is not a single Corona case in the isolated country. “That is hardly possible,” says North Korea expert Steve Chung from the Chinese University in Hong Kong. The fact that North Korea officially has no cases has to do with the fact that the country lacks the knowledge to test the population. The outbreak of the corona virus would be a disaster for the country.

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    Roche CEO Schwan skeptical

    Roche CEO Severin Schwan believes that no vaccine against the coronavirus will be available as quickly as it is widely spread. “Personally, I find the planned time frame of 12 to 18 months to be ambitious given the challenges,” said the Roche boss.

    Roche itself is not in the vaccine business – nor will it be in the future. However, the people of Basel rely heavily on the development of a reliable antibody test. These tests can be used to determine whether someone has previously had an infection and has made antibodies against the virus.

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    Beijing is tightening measures

    The Chinese capital Beijing has again tightened its measures against the introduction of the corona virus. According to the authorities, people who come to the city now have to go under “domestic observation” for a week after a two-week quarantine. This means that returnees are not allowed to take part in public life for a total of three weeks.

    China says it has much control over the virus, but is concerned about the influx of travelers infected with the corona virus. These are almost exclusively Chinese who are returning home. Foreigners are currently not allowed to enter the People’s Republic because existing visas and residence permits have been suspended.

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    Corona virus around the globe

    To date, more than 177,000 people worldwide have died of Covid-19 lung disease, and over two and a half million people have been infected with the virus. The latest worldwide developments. (As of 9 a.m.)

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    Corona virus captures Native Americans in the Amazon

    In the Brazilian Amazon, more and more indigenous people are infected with the corona virus. Recently, the number of known cases increased from 9 to 23 within 24 hours, according to data from the Sesai Special Secretariat for Indigenous Health. According to the Funai authorities, four indigenous people from indigenous areas have died in connection with the corona virus.

    The first corona death recorded from an indigenous area was a youth from the Yanomami people. “The boy’s death showed that neither the diagnosis nor the treatment worked,” said Luis Ventura of the Cimi Indigenous Mission Council in the city of Boa Vista.

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    Spanish tourism industry hit hard

    The coronavirus crisis hits the Spanish tourism industry hard – especially strongholds like Mallorca or Andalusia. For example, the number of employees in the industry who pay contributions to state social security in the Balearic Islands decreased by 17.4 percent in the past month compared to March 2019.

    This means the loss of more than 14,500 jobs, said the Spanish tourist office Turespana. According to this survey, behind the Balearic Islands with the main islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca, the southern Spanish region of Andalusia follows with a minus of 16.8 percent.

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    Oil prices: Price drop continues

    The oil market is still going down sharply. At the start of trading on Wednesday, the price of the North Sea Brent was under pressure – at times it fell to its lowest level since the late 1990s.

    The price of the June future, which expires next week, fell by up to $ 3.35 or 17 percent to $ 15.98. This is the first time since 1999 that a barrel (159 liters) of Brent from the North Sea cost less than $ 16.

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    State is suing China

    Missouri has sued China for the coronavirus pandemic. The lawsuit brought before a US court accuses the government and the Communist Party in Beijing of being responsible for the deaths and economic losses from the virus in the US state, among others. According to media reports, the lawsuit has little chance of success because China is protected as a sovereign state.

    “Covid-19 has caused irreparable harm to countries around the world, causing illness, death, economic impairment and human suffering,” wrote Missouri’s Republican Justice Minister Eric Schmitt on Tuesday (local time). The lawsuit is intended to provide compensation from China.

    The Chinese government lied to the world about the dangers of the corona virus, silenced whistleblowers and did little to prevent the spread, Schmitt continued. China is therefore responsible for “causing a global pandemic that was unnecessary and avoidable”.



    Missouri’s Republican Justice Minister Eric Schmitt wants China to be responsible for the damage caused by the Corona virus.


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    Roche defies the corona crisis

    Roche unexpectedly increased sales significantly in the first quarter of the Corona crisis. Nevertheless, the pharmaceutical company is sticking to its forecast for 2020 given at the beginning of the year. Roche generated sales of CHF 15.1 billion from January to March, 2 percent more than in the previous year. At constant exchange rates, the increase was as much as 7 percent. The new drugs in particular contributed to the good performance. You have more than compensated for the loss of sales through copycat products.

    The company also announced that a corona test was provided in close collaboration with the authorities in record time. The production capacity for this test has recently been massively expanded, writes Roche in a message.

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    Sales at Schindler decline

    The elevator and escalator manufacturer Schindler suffered in the first quarter of 2020, particularly in China, due to the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic. Sales fell 5.2 percent year-on-year to CHF 2.45 billion. In local currencies, however, the minus was only 0.2 percent.

    Meanwhile, management has told the company to forego part of its salary to support employees particularly affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. The members of the Group Executive Board and the members of the Supervisory and Strategy Committee want to pay 10 percent of their fixed remuneration into an aid fund.

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    Nursing association demands better working conditions

    The professional association for nursing staff is happy to be applauded for nursing staff during the Corona crisis, but: “We still have too few nursing staff in the system, too few trained nursing staff and those who are being trained leave the profession” , says managing director Yvonne Ribi.

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    Ticino wants stricter corona measures

    Despite the Federal Council’s announced easing, the Ticino authorities want stricter corona measures. The Ticino State Council sent a request to the Federal Council, the Ticino media report. Accordingly, the so-called “crisis window” (with occasional easing) is to be extended until May 3. This is despite the fact that easing is planned across Switzerland from Monday.

    The Ticino government decided, among other things, restrictions on construction sites and industrial companies because Ticino is particularly badly affected by the corona pandemic. The Federal Council may already decide on the request from the southern canton on Wednesday.

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    Corona crisis brings Netflix 15.8 million new customers

    The coronavirus pandemic brought Netflix significantly more viewers than expected in the first quarter. Worldwide, 15.8 million paying customers were added, said the US company on Tuesday after the market closed. Experts predicted nearly eight million, according to the FactSet research group. While Netflix said customer growth as well
    the time spent in front of the screen may decrease again with the end of the contact restrictions. Nevertheless, the company expects 7.5 million worldwide for the current quarter
    New customers, almost twice as many as analysts estimate.

    Revenue for the quarter increased to $ 5.8 billion from $ 4.5 billion a year earlier, roughly in line with expert expectations. The net profit was 709 million, more
    than twice as high as in the previous quarter.

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    The events from the night

    60-day immigration freeze: The limitation of immigration to the USA due to the corona crisis should initially apply for 60 days, according to US President Donald Trump. Trump reiterated his move to commit to US workers in the face of the corona pandemic.

    US Senate with further stimulus package: The U.S. Senate has approved another $ 480 billion stimulus package because of the corona crisis. Shortly before, Republicans and Democrats had agreed on the package after days of negotiations. It will now be adopted by the House of Representatives this week.

    South Africa with aid package: South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced a billion-dollar aid package equivalent to around CHF 23 billion to mitigate the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This corresponds to 10 percent of the South African gross domestic product.

    More deaths in the USA: In the United States, well over 2,000 coronavirus-related deaths have been reported within 24 hours. Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore had 2751 deaths between Monday and Tuesday evening (local time). Previously, the numbers had been below the 2000 mark for several days.

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