The launch of the Vega rocket with the United Arab Emirates military satellite has failed | Science | society

Moscow, 11 July – AIF-Moscow.

The launch of the Vega rocket, which provided for the transfer of the UAE military satellite to orbit, ended in failure.

The incident was reported by the executive vice president of the French company Arianespace Luce Fabregett, he reports RIA news.

Note that initially the launch should have been July 6th, then July 8th. Both times the departure has been postponed due to the weather.

As a result, the Vega launch launched by the Kourou cosmodrome on 10 July at 22:53. According to Fabregett, about two minutes after the launch, a serious deviation from the trajectory occurred, which led to the failure of the mission.

"On behalf of Arianespace, I would like to express my deepest apologies to our customers for the load loss," he said.

After analyzing the incident, Arianespace will tell you more about the accident.

Note that the lost satellite was to be the tenth satellite of the United Arab Emirates in Earth's orbit. The country plans within the next year to bring the number of its satellites to 12.



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