The ‘lawfare’ agreed upon by the PSOE and Puigdemont once again delegitimizes the work of the CNI in Catalonia

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A new delegitimization of the State intelligence services: that is one of the most relevant aspects of the agreement together and the PSOE to invest in Pedro Sanchez. The reputational mistreatment of National Intelligence Center (CNI) It has been almost permanent for years now due to the incessant distrust of all politicians.

The acceptance in the pact of lawfare so mentioned these days, the judicial war against politics is precisely what undermines the work of the CNI. The first to consider themselves referred to in the agreement with Puigdemont It has been the judges, who have expressed their rejection from their associations, senior judges, provincial courts, etc. The National Police, its unions, the Civil Guard and its associations have also been offended. But the CNI is the point of the majority of those court cases now in question. Somehow, all his work from these past years in different causes is ruined by the concept lawfare, although that word does not appear verbatim in the Amnesty Law registered by the PSOE in Congress.

For years there has not been an unapologetic recognition at the political level of one of the main missions of the Spanish spies, which is clearly marked by the law that regulates the center, the Ley 11/2002: “Prevent, detect and enable neutralization of those activities of foreign services, groups or people that put at risk, threaten or violate the constitutional order, the rights and freedoms of Spanish citizens, sovereignty, integrity and state security, stability of its institutions, national economic interests and the well-being of the population”.

Article 1 of the law itself is even clearer when it says that the CNI will inform and advise the Government to ““prevent and avoid any danger, threat or aggression against the independence or territorial integrity of Spain.” That is, prevent process, among other matters. And also prevent jihadist terrorism or threats to strategic companies, for example.

The powers of the CNI make it clear that it should not pursue crimes, but that once it has generated information about them, it will be passed on to the security forces and bodies.

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