The lawyer confirmed that Kokorin and Mamaev are forced to visit the gym in the detention center


MOSCOW, 9 November. / Tass /. Players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev, arrested in a case of clashes in the center of Moscow, are limited in SIZO in the right to go to the gym, according to the lawyer Kokorin Tatyana Stukalova on Instagram.

"Today I visited Butyrka, the boys are in a normal mood, in fact there is a limit in the number of visits to the gym, according to the administration of the prison, this is caused by the need to access other people arrested in the gym ", said the lawyer.

The lawyer also considers an excessive measure to extend the investigation of the players' case for two months. "The detention should only be performed to perform a large amount of investigative actions that can not be performed within the time limits established by law – two months, then extend the two-month investigation and only up to four months with a group of 18 investigators, clearly contradictory "reads the message.

Previously, several media reported on the intention of the investigation to extend the period of preliminary investigations in the case of players until February 8th. The TASS does not have official confirmation of this information from the investigating authorities.

The players of "Krasnodar" and St. Petersburg "Zenith" Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin, his brother Kokorin Kirill and Alexander Protasovitsky were arrested until December 8 in the framework of the fight. The defendants in the case are accused of the articles "Battere" and "Teppismo". Kokorin, Mamayev and their accomplice were accused of committing two crimes under the article "Beating" and a crime under the article "Hooliganism". Alexander Kokorin's brother, Kirill, is accused of committing the three crimes foreseen in the "Beating" and "Hooliganism" articles.

On October 8, they became participants in two conflicts in the center of the capital. The first time was around 8:30 am in Moscow, when several men attacked the driver of a Mercedes car at the Beijing Hotel, beat him, broke the glass and damaged the back door of the car ( the foreign car belongs to the first channel Olga Ushakova). Later, the company moved to a café in Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, where the director of one of Minpromtorg's departments, Denis Pak, was defeated. Attempting to reassure the young, even the director general of NAMI, Sergey Gaisin, received a blow in the face by one of them.


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