The lawyer Kokorin defined an unreasonable extension of the investigation until February


The extension of the two-month investigation against Alexander and Kirill Kokorin "is clearly contrary to the reasonable," said their attorney Tatyana Stukalova.

In his post on Instagram, he said that on November 9 he had visited customers in Butizka SIZO. According to her, "the boys are in a normal mood".

He confirmed the information that Alexander Kokorin and the footballer Pavel Mamayev, involved in the same case, were limited to the number of visits to the gym. "This is due to the need to access the gymnasium of other inmates," he explained, referring to a declaration of the administration of the detention facility.

Mamaev and Kokorin have restricted access to the detention center gym

In addition, the lawyer responded to the media data that in the near future the investigation period on this case will be extended for two months. "Extending the investigation for two months, and only up to four months with a group of 18 investigators, clearly contradicts the reasonable one," said the human rights activist.

He also commented on the prospects of extending the arrest of the defendants in the case for the same period. "Detention should only be carried out to carry out a large volume of investigative actions that can not be executed within the time limits set by law," Stukalova said.

On November 8, the Rosbalt agency, citing a source of the order forces, reported that the United Kingdom plans to extend the investigation of the case of Kokorin and Mamayev for two months – until on February 8th, apparently due to the need for a number of additional exams.

Kadyrov offered to re-educate Mamaev and Kokorin in the "Akhmat" club

Zenit St. Petersburg footballer Alexander Kokorin and his brother Cyril, as well as Krasnodar player Pavel Mamayev and amateur football player Alexander Protasovitsky were arrested for being resent at a bar in the center of Moscow, which was held 8 October. They had a fight with an official from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Denis Pak and with the head of NAMI, Sergey Gaysin. Pak suffered a head injury and lost a tooth. Before the events at the bar, Kokorin and Mamayev and their friends attacked the Channel One's driver, Olga Ushakova, Vitaly Solovchuk, because he called them roosters. The driver was admitted to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury and a broken nose.


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