The leader of the moment calls for the deselection of the deputies who voted with Tories – de live feeds


The national coordinator of Momentum virtually demanded the lack of power of four Labor MPs who voted with the Conservatives on a vote in the Brexit amendment, arguing that they did not have "space" in the party.…p?art_id=733 President pro-Corbyn accused Kate Hoey, Frank Field, John Mann and Graham Stringer of "getting in our way" when Labor tried to overthrow the government in voting on the commercial law, won the majority of six Tuesday night.

Parker said his actions were a "betrayal of millions of Labor voters", adding: "Work is once again a socialist party that works for many, not for the few, and for which there is no delegated work to join the establishment reactionary of the Tories. "

Senior Labor figures are angry at the four who regularly vote with the Brexit government. During the vote following the debate, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell spoke with Hoey, Field and Stringer in the House of Commons.

The attempt to change opinion proved to be unsuccessful. It is said that one of the MPs told McDonnell that the conservatives will still beat the Brexit and that their actions do not count.

In response to Parker, Field said he voted with the government in line with "the millions of Labor voters and two-thirds of the Labor electorate who voted, people who often ignore their vote in Westminster."

Field Frank

Frank Field said he voted in line with "millions of Labor voters and two thirds of the Labor electorate who voted". Photo: Anthony Devlin / PA

Party members are also encouraged to sign a circular that explicitly requires that the four MPs – and the southern deputy Luton Kelvin Hopkins – "no more Labor candidates will ever show up". He added: "We urge the Labor members and their representatives to use all available means to ensure that they are elected".

The modification of the law on customs, discussed Monday, originally presented by the European Research Group of Jacob Rees – Mogg and numbered 10 was agreed with the government policy, agreed with Hoey, Field and Stringer.


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