The leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan will meet on October 5 in Grenada

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The Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinián, and the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliev, will meet on October 5 in Grenada, as reported today by the Security Council of Armenia.

In this meeting, whose objective is to address the signing of a peace treaty between both countriesthe leaders of France and Germany will also participate, as well as the president of the European Council, Charles Michel.

The Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia, Armenian Grigorian, will travel to Brussels this Tuesday to prepare for the meeting, says the official statement. Grigorian will hold consultations in the Belgian capital with the main advisor to the Azerbaijani Presidency, Hikmet Gadzhiev.

Pashinián recently assured that in principle the peace treaty will not be signed in the Spanish city, although it is expected that positions will come closer. However, on Sunday, during a speech to the nation, he expressed his willingness to establish as soon as possible de jure what was agreed with Baku to delimit the border between both countries and thus avoid future conflicts.

Aliev himself assured this week that the attitude shown by Yerevan during the Azerbaijani military operation in the Nagorno-Karabakh region paves the way for the signing of the peace treaty. He was referring to Armenia’s failure to militarily intercede on behalf of the Karabakhs, which has sparked anti-government protests against Pashinyan.

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