The leaders see Kelvin Benjamin being ready for shippers, not Ravens – Arrowhead Pride


The Kansas City Chiefs made the surprise move to sign the extensive Kelvin Benjamin receiver to a one-year deal Thursday night, as reported by ESPN. It made more sense when the reports on Sammy Watkins emerged on Friday.

It was then that Benjamin made his debut in the field of practice for the chiefs. He is standing at 6 feet 5 and 239 pounds and despite some rumble could be out of shape, he looked a lot at the part.

"It was good against us, the number one," said Benjamin's Andy Reid chief coach on Friday. "He's a great physical player, again, you add him to the mix, he comes in, he has experience and he was a good player at this level and in this league, he was a great college player, we liked him to come out of the state of Florida. (Veach) brought him and added him to the team ".

Benjamin played the Chiefs only once, mid-November of 2016. He collected seven catches for 84 yards, but eventually lost the game when the then Chiefs quarterback Marcus Peters snatched the ball from his grip and the Chiefs they took possession in a tie game they eventually won.

Benjamin remained with the Panthers until he was sold to Buffalo, where he was released earlier this week.

"It's a business," Benjamin told reporters about his release by the Bills. "I'm happy to be here … We already know that the Kansas City chiefs destroyed it this year, they were one of the teams that really wanted me and I'm happy and happy to be here."

Benjamin's arrival comes with a history of what some would consider quarterback problems. Benjamin said L & # 39; Athletic he was not suited to Cam Newton in Carolina and reportedly told Bills quarterback Josh Allen that he would not work on a stretch with him before a game at the start of this season.

Given the MVP's caliber year of Patrick Mahomes, there should be no reason to complain to Kansas City.

"He can take the ball out," said Benjamin of Mahomes. "He plays with his feet, extends the games and just gets the ball to his pass catchers."

In his five-year career, Benjamin played in 58 games with 52 starts, compiling 207 outlets for nearly 3,000 yards and 20 touchdowns in that period. His first 40 games like Panther went much better than his last 18 as Bill.

"Sometimes changing scenery can be good for a guy and he has the opportunity to get in here," Reid said.

Reid added that he does not expect Benjamin to play a lot this Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens but could be available for Thursday night against the Chargers of Los Angeles.


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