The league’s discovery is roaring before the derby: The season is remembered according to the last match

He went to the world of big football from Dolní Němčí and made it the farthest of all the local players. Paradoxically, he had his premiere in a sewn-on jersey against Slovácko, from where he left for Brno at the age of fourteen.

In recent months, he has taken a career sprint. Prostejov, Mlada Boleslav, Slavia … “Big jump. The second league is different from the first. But Prostejov gave me a lot. Coach Šustr took me there, we knew each other from the youth team in Brno, the transfer was easier, “points out David Jurásek.

He adapted quickly in Eden. “Slavia is, in my opinion, the best club in our country. There is a great background, fans, everything. I have a good feeling, I definitely evaluate the transfer positively. “

Of course, he will find one minus. Stapled location. He finishes second and does not defend the championship title.

“The season did not turn out as we all wished. Especially the superstructure did not work according to our ideas. They didn’t watch some matches and score as we wanted. Congratulations to Pilsen, “Jurásek does not hide his great disappointment.

David Jurásek transfers from Mladá Boleslav to Prague’s SlaviaVideo:

However, Sparta dropped out of the title battle even earlier. The third ends, so the Battle of Prague is a duel of the disappointed.

“It’s not a title anymore, but it’s a derby. We want to manage him to end the league with a win. He also remembers the season according to the last match, we definitely want to win, “the Discovery of the Season assures that the Slavists do not lack motivation.

He will be twenty-two in August, and the group was a tough test for the title. “Something completely new for me, I haven’t had a chance to experience anything like that yet. Both the implementation team and my teammates helped me. I was just under the pressure of the match, otherwise not, “he acknowledges.

After a difficult season, he would deserve a good holiday, but the football spring is not over for him yet. Final qualifying matches with England and Andorra await the Under-21 national team at the beginning of June.

“The break is not long, the preparatory camp of the national team is approaching. I do not plan any big vacation, maximum to my parents in Moravia, “advises Jurásek.

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