“The legacy he left is very good”

A year ago to the day, the Montreal Canadiens fired their then general manager Marc Bergevin. Despite some mistakes, the former hockey boss still left a good legacy to his successors.

At least that’s what former Habs coach Michel Therrien believes.

“The legacy he left is very good, underlined Therrien during the broadcast. JiC on TVA Sports, Monday. We, when we were there, we had the gun on the head, we were not in reconstruction. We took a club that finished 27th and the following year, we had to make the playoffs. It’s always been the mandate to fight and make the playoffs.

“It’s a mandate that is different than when you’re in reconstruction.”

Therrien, who was hired by Bergevin in 2012, also emphasized the fact that the CH still reached the Stanley Cup final under the Bergevin regime.

“It’s so hard to get to the Stanley Cup,” Therrien said. It’s a feat to make the playoffs. In the playoffs, you never know what’s going to happen. The Canadians were three wins away from winning the cup, you have to remember that.

“On the side of Marc Bergevin, one year, we still came close to making the Stanley Cup final, but with the loss of Carey Price, […] I am still convinced that we would have been able to get there, but we will never know.

Therrien also argued that Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, the main stars of CH, were acquired under the Bergevin era.

See it in the video above.

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