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[New Tang Dynasty Beijing Time July 24, 2021 News]The late Hong Kong actressAnita MuiThe legend will be put on the big screen, in order to let the new model who set foot in the film circle for the first timeWang DanniInterpretation of a generation of queen Anita Mui (Sister Mei), director Liang Lemin and the film company specially invited the well-known green leaf male star who had not died at that time before the filming started.Liao QizhiWait for a total of 3 film masters to train.

Liao QizhiDuring his lifetime, he performed movies such as “Infernal Affairs 2” and “Bunker Hurter”. He was shortlisted 8 times and awarded 2 times. He was also a full-time lecturer at the Film School of Hong Kong Baptist University. He died of stomach cancer in March this year. Talking about Liao Qizhi’s teaching, to star in “Anita Mui“ofWang DanniThe language said with gratitude, “Uncle Zhi understands my inner world from chatting, and also gave me a lot of basic knowledge of physical acting and reading scripts. Uncle Zhi taught me very carefully. His enthusiasm and attitude towards acting are worth learning. It is also said that if you have regrets after performing a scene, you should turn the regrets into a driving force, and you can do better.”

Liao Qizhi profile photo (Victor Fraile/Getty Images)

Liao Qizhi once shared with Wang Danni, “The belief must be strong and the audience must feel that you are real. The role of an actor is to play a good role. First of all, you must know the background of the role, and you must know what material you have in yourself that fits the role. The more material you have, the easier it will be for you to master the character, so you must be very clear about yourself.”

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Wang Danni said that although she has no chance to study face-to-face with Liao Qizhi, who is a mentor, Wang Danni thinks it is a blessing to be fortunate to be his student and will always miss this mentor.

In addition, there are also two masters who have specially trained Wang Danni in dance and singing. They are well-known line dancer Mai Qiucheng and music producer Zhao Zengxi.

Zhao Zengxi used to arrange music for Mui Yanfang and also collaborated with Gu Tianle, Lin Yilian, Zhang Xueyou and others. In Wang Danni’s film, many classic works by Anita Mui need to be reproduced. Zhao Zengxi also taught her how to use sound. She also said that Zhao Zengxi would personally play the piano to accompany her to help her expand her emotional tension.

Because Wang Danni has no basis in dance movements, she can only start from the basics. In the film, she needs to sing and dance. The dance is directed by the well-known line dancer Mai Qiucheng. Mai Qiucheng was shortlisted for the “Best Action Design” of the Golden Horse Awards for “Mad Dance School”. He has choreographed for superstars such as Eason Chan, Karen Mok, and Ye Wanwen. Wang Danni revealed: “Teacher Qiucheng worked hard to find relevant dance clips and practiced the dances with me.”

In June 1989, Anita Mui participated in the “Sing of Democracy for China” fundraising charity singing event. (Image source: video screenshot)

Anita Mui represents the spirit of Hong Kong people

Anita Mui has a brilliant life. It is not only the first Hong Kong citizen to receive a queen and a singer, but also spread beyond Hong Kong society to overseas Chinese circles. The June 4th incident that year shocked every Hong Kong people’s heart. After the incident, a group of top stars from Hong Kong and Taiwan launched the “Democratic Singing for China” fundraising charity singing event. More than 100 artists participated in the event. The event lasted 12 hours. The organizer said that a total of more than tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars were raised. Anita Mui not only participated in the Million People Parade in Hong Kong people’s support for democracy, she went to the Xinhua News Agency the following day to cheer for the sit-ins. Although many celebrities who supported the June 4th incident either changed their positions or remained silent at the end, only Anita Mui still did not avoid talking about June 4th.

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In 2003, Anita Mui died of cervical cancer complicated by lung failure at the age of 40. Because Anita Mui was able to compare with the development history of Hong Kong throughout her life, she was also known as the “daughter of Hong Kong” after her death.

Mr. Jiang Zhiqiang of Anle Film Company was one of Mei’s friends during her lifetime. Mr. Jiang’s eyes are definitely “the daughter of Hong Kong”. He revealed: “The era when Mei was popular is the era when we grew up. In addition to recording her, the movie, We also worked hard to record the 1980s in Hong Kong. What Sister Mei means to me is a model of a typical Hong Kong son and daughter: Although she was born in a humble background, she used her own efforts to create a career; after she became famous, she never boasted and often took her family away. My friends remember it; she is always obliged to help people from all walks of life; no matter what adversity she encounters, she never gives up. Sister Mei’s life, to a certain extent, represents the struggle story of our Hong Kong people.”

“Chill” director Liang Lemin’s superstar biographical film “Anita Mui” will be released in Taiwan by Sony Pictures, and the release schedule is undetermined.

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