The legend of Man UtD LIKE to see something by Jose Mourinho


Mourinho was subjected to immense pressure at Old Trafford a few weeks ago, after a disappointing start to the season.

That pressure seems to have eased with Manchester United, which has picked up some positive results, including a 2-1 victory for Juventus mid-week.

He arrived with the likes of Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, while Juan Mata scored the free-kick that drew at the level of Manchester.

The striker Romelu Lukaku has missed the match against Juventus with an injury, it is unclear whether he will be fit for today's derby with Manchester City.

And while Vidic knew that United would go through a transition phase in recent years, he believes things are now on the rise.

"It's very difficult," said Vidic on beIN Sports.

"Of course we knew it would be very difficult when Sir Alex Ferguson left.

"He has won many trophies and is such an important character in that club.

"But we still expected, even if we did not win the trophies, to be much closer to the trophies.

"I think that in recent games, what I like is that they are starting to be more positive, including Mourinho in his team's selection.

"Martial, Rashford, Mata in attack … This is a nice kick-off.

"I like to see him."

While Vidic is seeing the bright side, Jenny Jenas thinks that Manchester United is still struggling.

"Sir Alex's United does not refer to United today and it is not possible to view current performances through the results and style of the previous team," wrote Jenas in the Mail.

"This club is more like Liverpool in the 1990s with Roy Evans and Gerard Houllier, a team that is adapting to its loss of stature.

"Take the result against Juventus on Wednesday night, a master of Jose Mourinho and probably the best performance since he took the lead.

"It was classic Mourinho: nobody gave him a chance, the crowd was against him, the team that was playing was better demonstrably at the Old Trafford, many people wanted to lose.

"He loves to play bad, he's still at his best when he has to be a reactive coach, he likes stealing a result rather than being overwhelming, and he's asked to play expansive football.

"And that's where the United States is at the moment."


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